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Jaden Smith Icon
4 Stars Icon
Jaden Smith
When Jaden isn't been the karate kid he is hitting the town with his dad Will Smith. Can you help him get a super new outfit ready for tonight?
Justin Bieber Concert Icon
4 Stars Icon
Justin Bieber Concert
Dress up Justin Bieber just before he goes on stage for his sold-out concert tour. Change his clothing, hat, scarf, instruments and more
Justin Bieber Haircut Icon
4 Stars Icon
Justin Bieber Haircut
Justin Bieber's real haircut was an unique style for a boy, but the fans already got bored of the old style that Justin is using for his hair. Try to improve his haircut by trimming, cutting, painting and arrange every strand of hair in order to make new boy haircuts. You can also make your boyfriend's haircut to see how would it match on Justin Bieber's face
Justin Biebers Fresh Style Icon
4 Stars Icon
Justin Biebers Fresh Style
We need you to help us give this stylish star Justin Bieber an outfit that will help him through the tough times of being a celebrity
Katy Perry Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Katy Perry Dress up
Katy Perry is sexy and fashionable. Dress Up this California girl in the hottest Summer bikini tops and bottoms and accessories. Help her melt boys hearts all along the coast..
Kiss Justin Bieber Icon
4 Stars Icon
Kiss Justin Bieber
Find your way in and lay a kiss on Justin Bieber in this cool kissing game..
Lady Ga Ga Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Lady Ga Ga Dress up
Lady GaGa Dress up the theatrical dance-pop star Lady GaGa
Lady Gaga Gossip Icon
4 Stars Icon
Lady Gaga Gossip
Desciption: Lady Gaga is famous for her crazy outfits, style, and totally awesome music. Dress up Lady Gaga for her Popular magazine cover shot, you can even fill in your own information!
Make Myley Cyrus Beautiful Icon
4 Stars Icon
Make Myley Cyrus Beautiful
Miley Cyrus is having a photoshoot. The budget is tight so they need you to do the makeup, hair and clothing for her to achieve an ideal look.
Miley & Selena Pop Queens Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley & Selena Pop Queens
Miley and Selena competing in the ultimate fashion show. Dress up both girls in stylish outfits and compete for points. Win the judges heart and the coveted Pop Queen crown..
Miley Concert Dressup Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley Concert Dressup
Dress up Miley for her big concert!
Miley Cyrus Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley Cyrus
Dress up teen pop star Miley Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus Celebrity Makeover Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley Cyrus Celebrity Makeover
As the one and only leading stylist on the Hollywood scene Miley Cyrus has come to you for a complete makeover.
Miley Cyrus Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley Cyrus Dress up
Miley Cyrus Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley Cyrus Dress up
Popular Miley Cyrus Dress up game
Miley Cyrus Style Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley Cyrus Style
If you like the beautiful singer and actress Miley Cyrus, also known as Hannah Montana, then now you have the opportunity to dress her up and make her up the way you like it most in this great styling game. Put your talents in action and personalize each makeup, hairstyle or clothing. You can color her hair, add the highlights and the hair accessories you like most as well as changing the shades of each makeup. Then dress her up with the perfect dress or top and bottom and customize them showing off your talents as a fashion designer
Miley Cyrus True Love Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley Cyrus True Love
Miley is totally in love with this guy, but they need the perfect kiss to seal the deal!
Miley Makes A Movie dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miley Makes A Movie dress up
Miley is making a movie, and you are the director. You need to fit her in the best outfit for the next scene. Light, cameras, action!
Movie Star Makeout Icon
4 Stars Icon
Movie Star Makeout
Help this Hollywood couple see stars when they kiss. Move the lips to the leading lady without leaving the edges. But don't get caught kissing by the paparazzi!.
Nicole's Mommy Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Nicole's Mommy Challenge
Help Nicole to become a good mom - It's your chance to Dress Up the proud parents of six, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! Control their clothes and accessories.
Oliver's Treasure Hunt Icon
4 Stars Icon
Oliver's Treasure Hunt
Look for treasure on the beach in Oliver's Treasure Hunt from hannah Montana
One Direction in Concert Icon
4 Stars Icon
One Direction in Concert
Here's the coolest game, where One Direction fans can fulfil their dreams, and go backstage to give the boys some style, and prepare them for their next concert!
Paparazzi Princess Icon
4 Stars Icon
Paparazzi Princess
Paparazzi loves to gossip about media personalities and even if some media person goes to a coffee shop for a coffee he or she can land in the next morning’s paper, therefore celebrities try to hide from the photographers.
Selena Gomez Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Selena Gomez Dress up
This Wizard needs an entirely new wardrobe to wear at Waverly Place. Selena Gomez is a pop princess, super-star singer and Hollywood icon. Pick out a rockin outfit for this Disney star and help her nab a date with Justin Bieber, her crush!.
Taylor Lautner Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Taylor Lautner Dress up
Twilight’s hunk by day, werewolf by night – Jacob Black needs help choosing a cute outfit to steal Bella Swan from Edward. Can you help him? Team Jacob!
Twilight Couple Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Twilight Couple Dress up
The ultimate vampire couple is set to conquer as you dress them up ready for action!
Twilight Jacob Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Twilight Jacob Dress up
Get Jacob dressed while he's still in his human form!
Twilight Makeover/Dress up Icon
4 Stars Icon
Twilight Makeover/Dress up
This game is a great makeover come dress up game, featuring lots of detail and some fun fashion items!
Vanessa and Zac  Icon
4 Stars Icon
Vanessa and Zac
Valentine dress up game with Vanessa Hudgens and Zac from High School Musical!
Vanessa Hudgens Dress up  Icon
4 Stars Icon
Vanessa Hudgens Dress up
This actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens played Gabriella Montez in the very popular movie High School Musical. In this game you can dress her up and style her hair and get her ready for a big performance.
Vanessa Makeover Icon
4 Stars Icon
Vanessa Makeover
Vanessa Hudgens is about to have an interview at her mansion.. As her Makeup artist you need to make sure shes looks hot for the camera.
Vanessa's Naughty Pics Icon
4 Stars Icon
Vanessa's Naughty Pics
Ever wanted to become the next big thing? Or even the biggest paparazzi in town, well know you can. We have arranged for you to follow around Vennessa, to capture some very sneaky pictures that will make you rich and famous

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