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***New Digimon Adventure Online Games

***Featured - Play Saviour of The Crystal

Digimon Saviour of the Crystal

Use wargreymon to collect the crystals. Kill enemies, jump on platforms, dodge lasers and simple have fun playing this very simple but fun digimon game.


Girl Games Zone Digimon and Pokemon Games

Girl GameZone Guide to DIGIMON AND Pokemon Games
New Pokemon and Digimon Games for Girls at Girl Games Zone
Featured ***New  Digimon Dress up games
 Dress up Mimi

 Mimi Dress up game
Want to be the most chic girl at school?
Combines the most modern clothes with shoes and bags them more colorful.
 Use your mouse to drag the clothes to model.

Play Digimon Roki Game

Play Roki game

****Featured Top Digimon Games at Girlgamezone
Cute Digimon Pet Games
Pat Calumon Digimon game
Pat Calumon
Pat the cute little digimon character - Calumon - on the forehead to make him happy.
Trivia - Did you know that Calumon is actually a male?

Play Digimon Pet Creator Game

 Pet Creator

Create your own cute Digimon pet....Hatch a cute little digimon from the digi-egg.
Use the egg to digivolve through the process of digivolution by meeting it's various needs

Top Digimon Games to Play now

Play Saviour of the Crystal

Play Digimon v Humans

Digimon World Video Games - Digimon ZX

Digimon vs Pokemon
There is always this great debate of who will win if there is a fight between pokemon and digimon. Find out in this short little video.



Digimon : Savior of the Crystal
Use wargreymon to collect the crystals. Kill enemies, jump on platforms, dodge lasers and simple have fun playing this simple digimon game.


Digimon vs Humans
The humans are up against the dinosaur like digimons. Your girlfriend has been caught by the digimons and your job is to save her.



Digimon ZX
Make your own digimon game. Build your army of digital monsters, collect various items and upgrades in this fun but very short game.



Digimon PC, Ds Computer Games
New Games to Buy

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Activision Inc.

Product Features

Platform: Nintendo DS - Edition: Standard
  • Over 200 player cards, including 12 never seen before.
  • Create-a-Brawler: Create and customize your own Bakugan Battle Brawler with unique attributes and features that will separate your Brawler from all others on the planet.
  • Epic storyline of good vs. evil: take your side in a brand new adventure and fight with Dan to defeat evil, save Vestroia and rescue Earth from total destruction.
  • Play with 16 characters and 40 Bakugans across 24 action packed levels, plus play with friends via WiFi on you Nintendo DS.
  • Includes 4 unique characters and 2 unique Bakugans only available in the video game.



Digimon ZX Jungle - Make Your Own Game at Sploder!

Digimon Zx Jungle



which digimon are you quiz?

 whats your favorite animal? which sounds better?ok, whos your fav out of this people

Make a Digimon

How to Create a Digimon

Digimon are fun creatures, here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Consider starting from the feet and work up to the top. So first start with the feet-hips. Some Digimon have patterns on there fur or skin. Now is a good time to do that. Think if your Digimon needs claws, or no feet at all! You can have your Digimon fly or hop.
  2. Now go from hips to the neck. Is your Digimon fat? Skinny? Inbetween? Fluffy? You can also do the arms and hands.
  3. Now you can do the head. A lot of personality is in the head and face. Is your Digimon good? Bad? Now is the time. Digimon also have anime eyes. You don't have to though.
  4. Color your digimon! This part is all up to you.
  5. Now you can give your Digimon a name. All Digimon names end with the suffix "mon". Examples: Gargo*mon*, Lilly*mon*, Agu*mon*, Garuru*mon*


  • Use your imagination! Creating a Digimon is fun, and they can look anyway you want!
  • You can also list their powers and what they Digivolve into(this is really fun)  fun creatures, here are some ideas to get you started!


    How to Create Your Own Digimon

    By Jonra Springs of Ehow.com

    Creating your own digimon is purely an exercise for the imagination. As the story goes, excess electronic emissions and frequencies from Earth?s communication networks created a new dimension called the digital world. This world offers a variety of geographic conditions that spawned lifeforms from data: digimon. A digimon's origin gives it a unique set of abilities that changes as it matures to new levels, or digivolves. Your digimon creation can be a natural type of land, sea or air creature; a robotic machine type; an elemental type of rock, water, fire or gas being; or something from your imagination that no one has ever digitized before.

    Watch digimon television episodes of the anime cartoon, or read manga pictorials to familiarize yourself with digimon characteristics and digivolution transformations. Then, let your imagination work up a desired digimon type. Create a human/digimon biomerge or bio hybrid that you?re part of or form a pure data digimon.
    Decide on a type for your digimon character, and give it form. For illustrative purposes, let's create a huge red and purple seafaring quadruped with surfboards extending from the soles of its feet. It?s body is that of an orca with legs, and it has the head of a seahorse with a mane made of fins. This would be a natural type of the aquatic variety, made of pure data.
    Give your creation a name. A digimon?s name always ends with the suffix "mon." Some digimon are named after their form or characteristics, like Apemon and Fangmon. In a similar vein, we?ll call the sea creature Sailmon, though it actually skates over the water?s surface.
    Add characteristics and special abilities. For instance, our aquatic friend?s feet generate huge waves that can be used for defense or an attack. It?s radar works for hundreds of miles and doubles as a disabling audio attack. Sailmon speaks with the voice of a woman and sings as she travels across the sea.
    Imagine extra-special abilities that can be downloaded to your digimon with cards and a digivice. Digimon are made of data, so they can temporarily add data for use as needed. As Sailmon?s tamer, I would carry a propulsion card that gives it jet props with afterburners for blistering speed.
    Use digimon evolutionary stages to identify the level of your digimon. Then name and describe it?s other levels. This is where it gets especially creative. Digimon hatch from digi-eggs. The stages to follow are baby, in training and rookie. From the rookie stage, they digivolve to champion, ultimate and mega levels. Each consecutive level gets bigger and stronger with more abilities. Sailmon is an ultimate. Its mega level, Frigatemon, makes it a battleship with laser cannon horns on it?s forehead and tracks for land excursions.
    Draw your character, or commission a worthy artist to sketch it for you. Make it colorful and show various textures and materials. Remembering these characters are data, they commonly have metal or wood content along with skin, scales and fur. This is where your created digimon comes to life.

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    Tohea RPG Board-based RPG that takes place in a new land called Tohea.



    A Realistic Horse Sim: Free -A horse sim where you can act as wild horses might. This game is suitible for children of all ages. One of few sites going for complete realism.
    All the Pretty Little Ponies The battles of our fathers' unwon and unsettled have awaken again and now the children are as cursed as those of the past. All the herds have now either become dark, light, or neutrals. Join All the Pretty Little Ponies, wild horse roleplay today!
    Athanlor  -  Wild Horse RPG 
    COMPLETELY wild horse RPG. No talking is allowed. Intermediate to advanced players please.
    Cresent Dreams 
    A light/dark/neutral wild horse RPG, aimed mainly at intermediate-advanced players. Message board based, the site includes a constantly evolving plot and open positions/lands.
    Dream Fields V3 -- The Ice Age /
    Both light and dark equines are facing the struggle of an ice age that has taken over the lands. The struggle for survival has gotten harder, so the alliances are fighting more than ever. Join Dream Fields and defend your own alliance by earning points for it.
    Dreamscape Meadows Role playing game, strictly wild horses.
    Horse Spirit v.2 Interactive horse roleplaying game; create your own herd, challenge and fight for mares, foals, land and much more! A fun game for ages 12 to adult.
    Waterfall Valley Game where the play can be either a horse or a human.

    Nintendo Announces New Pokemon Game For Wii

    Poke Park Wii
    Announced to Japanese retailers last week, today Nintendo has made it official: This holiday season will see a new Pokemon game.

    Called Poke Park Wii Pikachu no Daibouken (Pikachu's Big Adventure), the 3D game stars popular Pocket Monster Pikachu. Poke Park Wii was developed by Nintendo subsidiary Creatures and will be released on December 5 in Japan



    Chubbs DBZ RPG - A freeform DBZ roleplaying game played in our expanded Dragonball Z Universe.Digimon-chronic.de.. Kids Games Educational Software Kids Play Online Games For ... Digimon Adventure Toys & Games Online Digimon ::. Version GeoFlame "Shockwave Games. Virtual Botamon. DigiBreed. Adoptables. Fan Fiction. Fan Art. Digimon Humor ... Digimon: the Game Quest to save the net Digimon Adventure ...http://onlinedigimon.com/adventurebattles.com. Adventure Games Free Online To Play. Poseidon adventure. Pirate of the Caribbean 2. FX ... California Adventure. Digimon Adventure Online Game. Haven't found ...Anime RPG Network - A site a that is home to some very well made an original anime based RPG's.Anime RPG Network Web ring for anime roleplaying gamesAnime Extreme RPG Rules, how to train, weapons, and sign-up information. Also images, character profiles, and summaries for a variety of series. Played in e-mail. Digimon World Data Squad - Playstation 2 in Playstation 2 Adventure ...Online shopping for Playstation 2 Adventure Games Digimon World Data Squad ... Home > Games > Playstation 2 > Software > Adventure > Digimon World Data Squad ...  DIGIMON SPIRIT //A fansite in the theme of Digimon Frontier which includes screencaps of all seasons, audio and videos, graphics, fanfiction and many more."Free Online Adventure Games" - search results on cRANKy Eons.com is the online community for spirited BOOMers who want to explore their ... Adventure Point Click Games Digimon Adventure Online Games Online Adventure Free ... Action Adventure Video Games shopping - Video Games online... best prices on Action Adventure Video Games with Shopzilla's shopping search engine. ... games, adventure pokemon games, bratz adventure games, digimon adventure ...Online Games Script Action / Adventure. One of the best online games ever now has a flash version! Play. Pokemon Kill 2 ...2FootTall - 12InchTall Games!The "Digimon Savers" and "Digimon Adventure" series, produced by Toei Animation ... in the world's largest online games market, Digimon-online.com... and information on Digimon Online and Digimon world online game ... Digimon Adventure Online Games. Play New Digimon movie download ...http://www.digimon-online.com/Digimon Adventure: Anode/Cathode Tamer - Digimon Wiki It combines two separate Japanese games, Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer, and Digimon Adventure: ... while chatting online a blackout occurs and Ryo's ..on eBayShop at eBay for great deals on Digimon Games Toys items. ... Digimon Digital Monsters Ultimate Adventure Board Game ... and information on Digimon Games and Digimon Characters ...  Digimon Rpg Characters. Play New Digimon Adventure Online Games ...Digimonworld4.com adventure online games - leyqru | Google Groups - free pictures and movies, videos and more.. All about Digimon adventure online games, download free pictures and movie. ...nline Digimon ::. Version GeoFlame "Adventure's Battle. Runaway DigiExpress. Ancient Digimon. Arena Rules. Street Rules. Card Info ... Shockwave Games. Virtual Botamon. DigiBreed. Adoptables. Fan ...DC Games Signs Agreement with SK Telecom to License Digimon Online ...model for online games in China, announced today it has licensed .... and Digimon RPG Adventure online games market,



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