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 Girly Trends 3d, Noelia Virtual 3d Dress up, Dance Trends 3d, Moxi girls games - Bria Model dressup, Lexa, Avery, Sophia, Create your own Halloween Costume!

Girly Trends 3dNoelia Virtual Dress upDance Trends 3d

It's time to choose or design your own awesome Halloween costume. In  Design Your Halloween Costume, you will be able to design your amazing and unique costumes and custom made outfits for Alicia, assemble her outfit then add accessories and details which will make the costume spooky and fun at the same time.

Moxi Girl Dress up games

Steampunk Dress up Dancing Princess Dress up
Steampunk clothing Provide a prefect look and style to your steampunk girl,  help her create a attractive & elegant look for her evening out.Create a fabulous steampunk dresses outfit, layering blouses, corsets, tops, skirts, hats with boots much more. Find more details while playing this game.. Dancing Princess 3d  - Dress up this cute 3d style dancing princess with variety of costumes, gowns, accessories and make suitable hairstyles. It's a beautiful game with castle backgrounds and many options to customise the hair and outfits.


Hot Celebrity Dress up Games to play now

Hot Celebrity Games to play now

You can play realistic 3D Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Twilight dress up, Britney 3D, Virtual Barbie, Sims Dress up, Winx Club,  Michael Jackson, and more, here at Girlgamezone virtual games online!

Search our site for the latest VIRTUAL DRESS UP GAMES, 3D VIRTUAL WORLD DRESS UP GAMES, and REALISTIC 3D Dress up Games for kids and girls, Play virtual Sims dress up games, 3d virtual Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, Dress up Disney Princesses, lego dress up games for girls and kids, Polly Pocket virtual dress up games, Bratz , CELEBRITY DRESS UP Games, virtual Barbie Games, 3d virtual Dress up virtual fashion game sites, Makeover Dress up   Games, and more!




The Virtual Dress Up Games Guide

Virtual Dress up Games


***Featured Virtual World Dress up at Girlgamezone

Characters from, Meez and Secret Builders here at Girlgamezone

 Our World Virtual World


Ourworld is the number 1 virtual fashion dress up world for young girls. Try it out fro free on our site. Or try Meez and Secret Builders




Here's a good list of some of the best web sites, where you can play really good quality virtual dress up and fashion games for girls. Become part of a fashion community, enjoy dress up games, cool member boutiques, shopping, create your own fashions and communicate safely.  ***Sad to say that Girlsense has recently  closed down - hard to believe, but true.

Stardoll MeDoll  

Stardoll Virtual Dress up
Stardoll, the world's largest online fashion and games community for girls! Virtual Dress up and Fashion. a virtual paperdoll community site for everyone who enjoys fashion, design and making friends. At Stardoll you can create your own MeDoll or choose from our ever growing collection of celebrity dolls and dress them up in our wide selection of fashions. Every celebrity doll has a wardrobe full of unique clothes and there are new dolls released every week. The membership is completely FREE and most of our members are girls between the ages of 7 and 17. Stardoll is one of few places on the Internet developed with an emphasis on girls' self-expression through fantasy and fashion play. Stardoll is a great place to spend time with friends and to meet other kids from all over the world. We are committed to Stardoll as an inspiring, safe and creative environment  

Elf Dress up is a website where you can create virtual characters, "infs", with whom you can chat like real people.

With the help of simple tools on our website you can develop your inf's conversation skills and tune their character the way you like it.

You can post your inf on your website, blog or your social networking page where it can do all the talking for you.

Habbo Hotel  
Fun Virtual characters and virtual world simulation games .


Create and dress up your own Pico, with over 2000 avatar patterns, decorate your room, invite friends, chat nd socialise, virtual shopping, rearrange furniture and plants, explore virtual worlds, earn money.

Doll and the City  

Doll and the City is a dress up game where you can:

Choose your dolls - girl or boy
Makeup the dolls
Go shopping in the city
Dress up with fabulous clothes
Design your home
Make new friends !

Fashion Fantasy 
Fashion Fantasy Game is a rapidly growing online game and social network for young women who are passionate about fashion, friends and fun. Developed by fashion industry veteran and successful entrepreneur Nancy Ganz, players of Fashion Fantasy Game design and sell virtual fashions in a competitive online environment that offers them a taste of what it would be like to have their own fashion businesses.

Dizzywood world

Dizzywood is a fun virtual world and kids game where you can play free games, explore unique and imaginative areas, and meet new friends in a safe environment. Dizzywood is designed to be a fun and safe place for kids in the 8-12 age range. It's also completely free to use.

Fantage Virtual Dress up, play games, chat with friends, collect pets, earn stars, go shopping !

Honeyz Web 

Virtual Online community of Honeyz Web! Here you will have the opportunity to play games, chat with people all over the world and best of all create a gorgeous girl choosing from various skin tones, hair styles, hair colors, clothes and accessories!

Barbie Girls  
Design your own Barbie girl character in Barbie Girls World, dress up, accessorize,  create your own room, make friends, shop for trendy fashion, show off your style,  have parties, hang out with pets,.

Club Penguin  

We all know about Club penguin virtual world, become a penguin, waddle around and meet new friends.


Secret Builders 
SecretBuilders is a virtual world for children 5 to 14 years old powered by a web 2.0 community of children, parents, educators, writers, artists and game developers. On SecretBuilders, children will explore virtual lands, undertake quests, play games, maintain a home, nurture a pet, and interact with their friends. Three features which form the backdrop for SecretBuilders distinguish it from other online worlds:

Create your very own Whuddletar character and explore this virtual world "community of imagination"!

Zanpo Virtual Cities 
Zanpo is an online game, virtual world, and social network. There are many cities in Zanpo, each with its own unique architecture and community. Build your own virtual world!

As a citizen of Whyville, you can:

  • Design your own look
  • Chat and play games
  • Hang out with friends
  • Much more!

Babydow Virtual Baby  
Look after one or more babies,
from birth to school.Play with them, feed them, dress them, help them
as they become aware, see to their wellness...

Spark City   
Create and  customize your own characters and choose your own clothes .

Small Worlds  

Great , vibrant 3d virtual world, create and design your  own avatar, dress up avataras, train pets, design and decorate your home, socialise and chat.

FREE kids virtual world... fab fun features galore - what are you waiting for! THE place to dress up, make friends and chat, chat, chat!

Fun, educational virtual game, where you can create a yoobot , add your own face , look after it,keep it healthy from the british Heart Foundation.

Tinier Me  

Create  your own SELFY avatar character, dress it up,  cutomise outfits, and chat.

Pixie Hollow Disney Fairies   
Please Note - Disney Fairy world closed down on September 19th , 2013. At Disney fairies you could experience life as a virtual fairy, Create and cutomise your own fairy or sparrow-man, from wings to toes! And decorate her home with stylish furniture and decorations, find and collect things, play with magical talent games with other fairies! Sadly, now closed, but you can still play fairy games on the site.

Diva Chix  

Virtual Dress up - divas fashion and dress up game for teens and adults of all ages! The main objective of Diva Chix is to dress up your diva doll and battle other divas to determine who has the best fashion style. In addition to this, we offer many more features such as the ability to design your own clothing, own your own clothing store, dress up as your favorite celebrity, join a guild and play as a team, play flash dress up games, and much much more!

Poupee Girl  
Poupée Virtual dress up dolls  
A virtual world where you can create your own characters and explore the town, send gifts, earn money, but sadly closing after Christmas?

My Diva Doll  
Create your DivaDoll in this games of attitude, virtual fashion, dress up, and interior design!

  • Create your Doll (puppet)
  • Decorate my house
  • Choose the look
  • Make friends
  • Become THE ultimate seductrice

    Pandanda was a fantastic virtual world for kids. Create your very own Red Panda avatar, make friends, play games, go fishing, adopt a pet dragon. There's no limit to the fun you can have in Pandanda so sign up today!

    MinyanLand is a virtual community designed to engage kids and families in games and interaction that are entertaining and educational.


    CREATE - And Dream up that perfect look, and make it a reality! Design fashions, clothing, hair, makeup and accessories; Makeover Creator gives you the tools to compose ensembles for any occasion


    Poptropica® is a virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica?s engaging quests, stories, and games.

    Kids create a "Poptropican" character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica and use gaming literacy to enjoy a narrative that is often rooted in factual history. Problem-solving skills are honed as kids discover and solve mysteries unique to each Island.

    There are always new areas to explore in this ever-expanding world where kids can collect objects, read digital books and comics, watch movies, and compete in head-to-head competition. Parents can always trust that their children are playing-and learning-in a safe, online environment.

    Garden Party World  
    Garden Party is a unique online community where players become Gardeners and can play and socialize in complete harmony. As a Gardener, you can create an online character, play games, explore different areas, make friends, earn orbs (Garden Party money), and grow from magical seeds in their garden lots of items such as furniture for their tree houses, costumes and accessories

    Zwinky Cuties 
    Zwinky Cuties was a virtual world developed especially for ages 6 and up., where you choose outfits for your  Zwinky Cuties character, chat with friends using the canned phrases in safe chat, and explore the different places in the Zwinky Cuties world. It's free to join, but you can unlock additional special features if you sign  up for a Zwinky Cuties Jet Setters subscription

    Dragon Fable 

    DragonFable is an animated fantasy RPG (It has Dragons!) that you can create a free account , create your own chatacter, and play using your web browser. Each week they add new original content based on the suggestions of you (hopefully) and your fellow players as we evolve our ongoing storyline. DragonFable is free to play,

    Total Drama Island
    Total Drama Island is Cartoon Network's first animated reality show! Join the drama online by exploring the camp, meeting team members, and playing free online games. Keep checking back to find out who will win, only on Cartoon Network

    Student Survivor 
    Virtual games where you create a student and them look after them,

    Show Jumping
    Choose color s and clothing for your horses and the jockey before you train


    Create a Pal A free gaming world in which your Pal can explore and have adventures. Play games and make new friends, and progress while playing for as few as five minutes a day!

    You will be presented with an interface to create your character. The interface presents a wide variety of outfit options for your character. Choose an outfit and it will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the interface; you can then 'Modify Further' to change character details like skin colour, hair, torso, legs, boots and facial hair. Later, you may pay some characters in-game to change your look

  • Free to play
  • World's most popular free MMO*
  • Join a global community of millions
  • Instant access, no installation
  • Play anywhere via your browser
  • Over 15,000 hours of gameplay


    Meez is the only online virtual playground for teens to create social and multimedia activities to share with friends. Meez is a fast-growing, online community that combines a social virtual world with social networking, gaming, rich multimedia sharing and more. In this immersive, interactive environment, users can express their personal taste by creating unique avatars and Meez Rooms styled with Meez's original fashions, virtual goods and today's hottest brands. Meez is where teens get to share their own interests with one another, from fashion, music, videos and hobbies - nearly anything they love to do in real life - with friends, in a cool virtual hangout.

    Meez core Avatar technology allows users to create a digital representation or identity that can be used throughout Meez Nation and exported to other social networks, virtual worlds, gaming sites, instant messaging platforms and mobile devices. Avatars can be customized with physical attributes, clothing, accessories, popular branded items and animations or actions.

    Create a Virtual world avatar games and your own WeeMee avatar and explore WeeWorld community!

    Super Secret  
    SuperSecret is a fun and safe online world for tweens. In SuperSecret tweens can play games, explore, and interact with each other by chatting all while learning online social skills. Using characters, players, "grow up" by accumulating age points and earning responsibilities such as having a pet, owning a house, and even having a car.

    Woozworld, a fun, unique and free virtual world for kids, tweens and teens! Our massive multiplayer virtual world is free to join. And it's easy! Create an avatar (Woozen), play online and join a community of millions of players. Our virtual world is the coolest place to hang-out and make new friends. You can create your own world, design your virtual space (Unitz), dress-up your avatar with the coolest and most stylish clothes and accessories ever, become a top-model, throw parties and events, chat, invite friends, make new friends, join exciting contests, express your creativity and become rich and famous !


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