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PLay Zac Efron Celeb Makeover  - Vanessa Dress up  

Zac Efron celebrity Makeover Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up


Zac Efron Celebrity Makeover - Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up

 Play Zanessa Kissing

Zac Efron -  Vanessa Hudgens  - Ashley Tisdale

Zanessa Kissing

Zanessa is keen to kiss Zac, but people are always interrupting them. help these two love birds to kiss passionately!






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Celebrity Dress up Games
Vanessa  - High School Musical Games - Dress Up Games  Ashley Tisdale Dress Up Games  Ashley Simpson - High School Musical

Vanessa and Zac

New HSM Dressup

High School Musical is broadcast on TV. I don't know whether you have watched it.Are you attracted by the actor and actress?Whether you like them or not,please play this game in happy mood.Dress Gabriella in different beautiful clothes and she will take photos.

Ashley vs Vanessa
Play Ashley V Vanessa

These cool pop stars from HSM need a little bit of help getting ready for their gig on tv! could you give them a hand getting ready so they are looking hot for the cameras?



MIley Cyrus

High School Musical Dress Up Games


Vanessa Hudgens Zac Efron



Miley Cyrus Dress up-Makeover

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High School Musical 3

High School Musical 3 Game!


Game Description
High School Musical 3: Have you watched THIS MOVIE? How do you think about it? What are Zac, Vanessa and their friends in you? Now, let's come to dress up this hot couple of Hollywood. Great time!!


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Zac Efron Doll - Dress Up Game


New!!! Zac Efron & Lucas Till!!!

Zac and Lucas

New!!! Zac Efronand Lucas Grabeel

Zac and Lucas are getting ready for their red carpet treatment. The only problem is the fashion stylist hasn't come so its down to you to make them look as hansom as you can.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron Dress up

In this game you have the chance to dress Zac Efron any way you want. You can give him a new hairstyle and even makeup too. Then you dress him up in the variety of outfits available. It's also possible to change the color of the clothes. Give him some nice accessories and you can even find the perfect girl for him, or a dog, whichever you prefer


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Ashley Tisdale Changing Room

Play Ashley Tisdale Changing Room


Vanessa Hudgens Spring Holiday

Play Vanessa Spring Holiday



Disney Sing It (Bundle with Microphone)

ESRB Rating:  Everyone Product Features Nintendo Wii | Edition: Bundle with Microphone

  • Karaoke videogame based on Disney Channel original movie, High School Musical
  • 30 songs to choose from, plus 30 minutes of bonus footage and cast interviews
  • Select favorite backdrop and sing hit songs from other popular Disney Channel favorites
  • Songs, sets, and characters from the original film; interact with the movies' stars
  • Show off creativity and skills; sing towards stardom; microphone included

Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year by Disney

Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year by Disney

Product Features
Platform: PlayStation2 | Edition: Standard

  • Dance to favorite High School Musical songs from all three films
  • Play as familiar characters including Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor, or
  •  create and customize a unique Wildcat
  • Engage in competitive multiplayer dance-offs for a fun dance party experience
  • Earn points by learning dance moves from High School Musical characters to unlock songs, clothing and characters
  • Interact with scenes by activating special effects

Amazon.com Product Description
High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE
lets your experience the energy, the fun, and the music from all three movies. 
Dance to the beat of "High School Musical" songs, explore movie locations, and play alongside familiar HSM characters. 
Plus new songs from High School Musical 3: Senior Year will keep the Wildcat fun moving.


  • Dance to favorite "High School Musical" song from all 3 films
  • Play as familiar characters including Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor, or create and customize their own unique Wildcat
  • Play with friends - compete in dance-offs or dance as a duo
  • Includes bonus footage from High School Musical 3: Senior Year


Product Description
Experience the music, familiar locations and popular characters from all three High School Musical movies, including "High School Musical 3: Senior Year."
Take the role of Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad or Taylor, or you can customize your own Wildcat, using a variety of outfits, shoes and hairstyles.
In addition, the game features various multiplayer modes, including competitive and cooperative play. In competitive mode, you can earn power-ups
to affect other players' performances, while in cooperative mode you need to dance simultaneously and in sync to earn high scores.
Fans can also follow along to choreography from the stars, and complete
songs to earn points and unlock new songs, clothing and characters

Make your own HSM Game!


Create - Make Your Own Disney High School Musical Game
Make a game - vannesa's pimple - Free games
  from Pictogame


Search for "High School Musical" in Pictogame!

Check this out!Pictogame.com lets you upload and add faces of yourself, your friends, celebrities, to lots of different games templates for free and so you ca n turn your own crazy ideas into mini games, to email to your friends or post on your webpages! We really like this HSM game that we found!


High School Musical: Sing It!

High School Musical: Sing It! is the new video game, originally came out in November 2007, based on the popular 2006 television movie and its 2007 sequel High School Musical 2. The game is designed for the Wii and the PlayStation 2.

High School Musical Sing It!

Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
Publisher: Buena Vista Games
Genre: Music video game
Mode(s) Singleplayer/multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: E (Everyone)
Platform(s) Wii
PlayStation 2 /Nintendo DS

Game Features

This game features songs from High School Musical 1 and 2 movies. It will be sold with the USB microphone on both the Wii and PS2 and without the mic on PS2. There are also 10 extra songs performed by other Disney Stars!!! Apparently these 10 extra songs will have a similar feel to the songs of High School Musical, which might imply they are songs from recent soundtracks from movies and TV series, such as The Cheetah Girls 2 and Hannah Montana.

The game supports two players at a time, with additional gameplay found in the game's party mode, where groups can participate in pass-the-microphone competitions or grab an extra controller for additional, non-singing gameplay. From the beginning there are six characters to choose from, which are Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, Chad, and Taylor, each with different outfits, as well as eight unlockable ones for a total of 14 playable characters. There are 12 environments from the movie.








Disney Channel


High School Musical Bella Dancerella
by Disney

Bella Dancerella

Price: $11.64

Product Features

Let Bella and friends show you how to get the lead in your very own High School Musical
Includes: DVD, Mat, Headset and Ball.
Its a musical sensation! Bella Dancerella has teamed up with the Disney blockbuster movie HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 1 and 2
Featuring BONUS DANCES from the movies.
Join Bella and her dance crew to learn the same dance moves performed by Gabriella, Troy, Sharpay, Chad and the HSM gang! Bella will take you through the basic steps nice and slow, then add music and pace until youre steppin like an East High teen!






    High School Musical Games to Play

    HOT!!!Best sellers!!

    HSM DVD Game!

    HSM DVD Board Game 2

    Mattel High School Musical DVD Board Game 2
    by Mattel

    Product Features

    DVD board game based on High School Musical 2 Features video clips from the movie, original outtakes, and all the familiar songs and dances
    Players compete in 4 categories, song, dance, questions and answers, and actual or not so
    Six character pieces let you play your favorite character
    Includes board game, DVD game, and 6 character pieces

    Product Description

    If you loved the Disney Channel's High School Musical 2,  the sequel to the Emmy-Award winning original, you'll surely enjoy playing this DVD board game. Based on the musical, this family-friendly board game is ideal for ages 13 and up.
    How it's Played
    This DVD board game features video clips from the movie, original outtakes, and all the familiar songs and dances. Players compete in four different categories: song, dance, questions and answers, and actual or not so. Knowledge of the movie helps players get call backs and may help them win the game. The winner of the game gets to star as the lead role. Video clips play on the screen as players make their way around the board, adding an exciting element to game play. This game set includes a board game, DVD game, and six character movers.

    Getcha Head in the Game
    Finally, a board game based on a musical! High School Musical 2 features the East High Wildcats on summer vacation. Returning hero Troy struggles with his identity as he lands a summer job at a country club. Will Sharpay succeed in stealing Troy from Gabriella? What happens at the club's annual talent show? This game provides hours of family fun for those who have seen and enjoyed this sequel. The six character pieces let you play as your favorite character whether it be Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, or Taylor. DVD clips and out takes keep the game at a thrilling pace, as players sing and dance their way to the final callback.

    What's in the Box
    Board game, DVD game, and six character pieces.

    Twister Moves High School Musical
    by Hasbro Games

    Play Twister Moves


    Product Features

    Game puts a new, High School Musical-themed spin on classic game of Twister
    Features 4 songs and 4 dance sequences from "High School Musical"
    Kids can dance along to the beat with favorite hsm characters
    Comes with 2 CDs filled with "High School Musical" music
    Recommended for ages 8 and up

    Amazon Product Description
    Based on the smash Disney hit, "High School Musical," this game from Hasbro puts a new spin on the classic game of Twister. It features four songs and four dance sequences from the movie, and kids can dance to the beat with their favorite HiSM characters. Recommended for ages 8 and up, it is perfect for both fans of the movie and fans of dancing in general.

    Twister Moves CDs play in any stereo and provide plenty of dance sequences.

    How to Play
    To play, pop the Twister Moves CD in the stereo and lay out the Twister mat. Listen closely as the DJs call out dance moves! Once the DJ's commands stop, it's all your kids, repeating the moves and showing how well they learned the dance moves. Kids can play solo or compete against a friend as they learn some of the Wildcats' coolest dance moves.

    "High School Musical" was a made-for-TV musical released by Disney in 2006. With a plot that retells the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, the musical was a major success and has since produced a stage show and a sequel. With Hasbro Twister Moves, kids can dance to four of the most popular songs from the "High School Musical" soundtrack, including "We're All in This Together," "Keep Your Head in the Game," "Bop to the Top," and "I Can't Keep My Eyes Off You."

    What's in the Box
    Hasbro High School Musical Twister Moves, dance mat, and two music CDs.

    Product Description
    Get up and dance with the East High gang! This High School Musical edition of Twister Moves from Hasbro lets you grab a mat, pop in one ofthe Twister Moves CDs, and start to rock! Listen up as the DJs call out the dance moves. Then, it's all you! Repeat the moves and show your stuff! Learn some of the Wildcats' coolest moves as you play solo or with a friend. Featuring 4 songs from the High School Musical soundtrack, this game includes two 30" x 30" mats, two Twister Moves dance discs and instructions. A CD player is not included.

    Disney Channel's High School Musical DVD Board Game

    DVD board game based on the Disney Channel's "High School Musical" Features video clips from the movie, original outtakes, and all songs and dances.  
    Compete in 4 categories: Outtakes, Song, Dance and Relationship
    Be the first one to make your way around the school for the final call back audition
    Includes a board game, DVD game and six character movers
    Product Description
    You need to "Get'cha Head in the Game" because this is based on the hottest kids movie - High School Musical on the Disney Channel. Now everyone can enjoy the smash hit movie in this new DVD game. It features video clips from the movie, plus original outtakes and all the song and dances as kids compete in four categories: Outtakes, Song, Dance and Relationship. Be the first one to make your way around the school for the final call back audition. Includes a board game, DVD game and six character movers.

    Disney HSM Board Game

     Disney Channel's DVD Board Game

     HSM BOARD Game




    Disney's High School Musical Wii Bundle with Microphone

    RELEASE DATE: (Aug 14, 2007)

    by Buena Vista Games (Nintendo Wii)

    High School Musical Video Game - Wii

    Console Video Game
    ESRB Rating: Rating Pending
    For Nintendo Wii
    Game Genre: Simulation; Game Sub-Genre: Dance/Music
    Published by Buena Vista Games

    The first Wii game From Disney, Based on HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!

    Disney Interactive'S adaptation of their hit movie High School Musical to the Wii Is a karaoke game. The story of the game will follow the first movie, while also giving players the chance to sing the songs from the second movie. So ... a karaoke game with a story? Sounds cool 0 with an included microphone. The game faced competition only from Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party when it came out, in the race to be the first US-released Wii game with a special controller as well as the first full music game for the system. That's cool for Disney!

    Girl's High School Musical Uno Card Game by Mattel

    Uno Card Game by Mattel


     The #1 brand of family fun lets you Get'cha Head in the Game with the High School Musical edition of UNO. Break free from the competition and soar to new heights with custom UNO cards and the exclusive Duet card and special rule. Don't forget to yell "UNO!" when you Bop to the Top of the game!




    High School Musical Game
    by Bealls

    High School Musical game

    Youll earn high marks when you answer questions about the movie, strut your stuff, and even sing a song or two! Includes an interactive music CD for even more fun!

    High School Musical Mystery Date by Hasbro

    Mystery Dating Game


    Who will you find when you open the Mystery Door? Is Ryan steppin' up to take you dancing? Or will Troy be ready for your karaoke date? Or maybe Chad wants you to go to the basketball game! Oh no, Ms. Darbus gives you a detention! Collect three clothing and accessory cards to get ready for one of four fun dates. Ready for salsa dancing with Ryan, but Zeke meets you for roller skating? Sorry, try again! Open the door to reveal a matching date and you win! Game board comes with mystery door, 5 mystery dates, 48 clothing/accessory cards, 4 pawns with stands, label sheet, die and instructions.




    Magic 8 Ball: High School Musical

    Magic 8 Ball 8

    Need to 'Get'cha Head in the Game?'
    The Magic 8 Ball has all the answers you need!
    Will you 'Bop to the Top' or merely 'Stick to the Status Quo' -- just turn over the Magic 8 Ball and you'll get the answer to help you!


    Disney's Karaoke Series: High School Musical by Karaoke (Audio CD - Oct 10, 2006)

    Reviews coming soon!



    Skillz - the original Nightclub DJ game

    Nightclub DJ Skills game

    'Playpen Studios proudly announces Skillz; the original Nightclub DJ game!

    Skillz is a music and rhythm game that puts you behind the turntables as an up-and-coming DJ, busting out of the bedroom and into the clubs.

    Use the unique turntable controller to mix and scratch your way to DJ superstardom as you spin original sets in front of packed out crowds at hot venues all around the world. Modes of play include single player story, two player DJ battle and freestyle mix mode. Additional on-line community features will let you share your style with the World!

    Expect to use your Skillz to full effect in late 2008 on the PC and multiple console platforms.

    Playpen Studios Ltd is an award winning independent developer of computer games for the Western and Asian markets.

    Come visit us at www.playpenstudios.com.hk

    Zac Efron Dollmaker from Marapets!
    Zac Efron is an American actor and singer, born October 18, 1987. The Walk of Fame in Lowlyhood, a virtual Marapets world, is where we recreate famous celebrities with the Marapets dress up dolls. This doll maker is one of many celebrity doll makers.

    Zac Efron is most famous for playing Troy Bolton in High School Musical and High School Musical 2. He was also in the musical Hairspray. Zac Efron has not endorsed or sponsored this dress up game. Marapets also have other Celebrity Dress up: Dress Up Games

    ? Zac Efron
    Avril Lavigne
    ? Marilyn Monroe
    ? Rihanna
    ? Ugly Betty
    ? Pink
    ? Beyonce
    ? Shakira
    ? Miley Cyrus

    Marapets Games is one of the largest virtual pet sites in the games world! Play dress up games with your own dress up doll. Play lots of our unique, marapets themed free games and online games. We have tons of celebrity doll makers for you to play with too. If you like what the celebrity is wearing, you can play our games for MP to spend on clothes for your doll. Visit our games section for free online games that will earn you MP, including arcade games, puzzle games, card games, casino games, virtual games, quest games, mission games, sports games, shooting games, luck games, strategy games, dress up games, flash games and more. Create your own virtual pet and explore our virtual world.


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