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Welcome to our free trial of  Meez world games. a social network service aimed at teenagers,   with over 3 million unique users, and custom designed hangouts, known as "Hoods," that users can explore, such as the urban centered "Uptown",  "Posh Heights", celebrity cool "Meez Hills", artist hangout  "Arcadia",  "Chillville", "Burbia", and  "Hell's Kitchen. Create unique avatars, decorate your own Meez rooms, plus fashion brands, music, and videos  Also we have free trials of  more virtual world games, more fun, and fashionable games where you can make your own avatar characters  join social communities, and find friendship in a safe, cool online virtual world for kids and teens.


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 If you'd like to try some other free virtual world games like Our World, Woozworld, or Rocketon avatar chat, or the new Downworld virtual rpg game - then check out our Virtual World Community   

Make Avatars  -  Create a Person  -  3d Games  -  Virtual Pet Games  - Virtual GamesVirtual Worlds Virtual Worlds for Girls

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