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Play Back to School Dressup - Play Polly's Mermaid World!

Polly Back to School Polly Mermaid World

Polly's Back to School - just like you - so dress her up for great school day fashion! Polly's a beautiful mermaid in her underwater ocean adventure world, with her shimmering mermaid tail...dress her up in fun beach fashions!

Here at the GirlGameZone...... We have all the  best old original Polly games like Polly's Pool Party ) Top Rated include :  Photographer, Sparkling Pets, Pet Pals, Pool Party, Styles, and Pick up... POLLY'S HAIRSTYLING SALOON, and more fun here at Girlgamezone

***NEW - Polly Pocket Doll and her Lovely Pussycat Dressup -  Virtual Hair Studio -  Fun Car Games and of course , New  Rockstar Dress up, Coloring Pages - plus lots more being added every day, at Girlgamezone arcade... Decorate With Polly Pocket from EverythingGir.l Help decorate her room. Use the picture bar to choose the part of the room

 Search our site for all the best new and old GAMES from, plus the latest BRATZ , BARBIE and other doll games. You can  play all of our doll games online for free with no sign up - Play Online  Dress Up Doll Games for Girls, and new 3d Polly Virtual World Games, learn all about the Pollypocket dolls, and more news from the offical Polly website,  and lots more! Brinch No Loft, Soccer, Animal Sleeping, Z Board, Ice Cream Water Park, Dance Show, Make up, At the Park, Sundae Splash, Shopping, Quiz, Hidden Alphabets, Fall dress up, At The Beach, Math, Custard Ice Cream, Nail and Manicure Makeover, Magic Stage, Scooter, Surfin, Memory, and Mermaid.


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Super Splash Island

Super Splash Island




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 Super Splash Island

Polly's Super Splash Island

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(Polly popular small dolls and fashion accessories for little girls.

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Polly's favourite colors are purple and green and her best friends are Lea, Crissy, Lila, Shani and Rick. her favourites foods are Pizza, ice cream and Smoothies, and she lives in Pollyville! She has lots of pets including have dogs, cats, kangaroos, and monkeys, and even has her very own roller coaster, car  and airplane! She enjoys slumber parties and shopping, but also sports like water skiing and roller skating, and has lots of exciting adventures. She loves to sing and has her very own band! And her favourite pop star is Lady Synchrony.


Latest PC  Video Games!

 Super Splash Island

Polly's Super Splash Island

My Scene Games




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Doll History

History of YOUR fAVOURITE Dolls

The very first Polly Pocket dolls, (including Lila, Lea, Shani,) were originally designed way back  in 1989 by Chris Dawson for his own daughter, and were packaged in pocket sized casing, which how they got the name! Today's Polly Pocket dolls and fashion accessories, however, are somewhat different from the original ones designed back in the late 1980's! The new dolls are actually 3 times bigger, (3 inches tall) and also appear much more realistic and life-like.  The fashion dolls were later redesigned by Mattel, who also created " Fashion Polly Pocket", using the exact same characters from the new range, but these new fashion dolls were a bit taller, and also apparently used stretch garments, and now had removable clothing. Did you know that there are also some boy Polly Pocket-style dolls? What are their names? Do you have some?


  *** Exciting News for All Girl Fans - Customized Polly Pocket Dolls  with your own face!

Make yourself into a Polly doll!

So now you can turn your existing Polly Pocket doll into a lifelike personalized doll, that looks just like you, or anyone else! Would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for any little girl who loves the dolls!

Did you know that you can now get a customized face for your Polly Pocket Doll at -  using cool new 3d printing technlogy! The doll's head is actually created out of a resin composite in full 24-bit color.

So get a custom-made Polly Pocket doll head and face, created from your own Photo! Just upload a photo of yourself up to the website, (COULD BE A PHOTO OF YOU OR A FRIEND), The doll head will fit any normal 3.75-inch Polly Pocket® dolls.

Can be made in just 3 days, for around $50.

 You can then buy a Polly Pocket doll from your local toy store, online on Amazon, or just use a doll that you already have, with your own choice of fashion clothes and style, and then just fit your brand new customized head easily onto the doll's body.

Also Check out  all our free online doll games and computer games to buy.



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Discover Polly Pocket's Fashion Doll Games and Trendy Dolls, Toys, Playsets, and Totally Cool Party Stuff for Girls and Kids



 MALL ON THE WALLTreat Polly® doll to shopping adventures on the wall with this mall-themed play set, featuring a food court, cool stores, and fun ways to get around — an elevator, escalator, and Ferris wheel! Then build out your mall world with additional sets

Pollyworld House Playset

by Mattel

 House Playset

Product Features
  • Polly's house is full of all the unexpected and amazing things
  • Has everything you'd expect from a girl like Polly
  • Three-story house features hiding places and the choice to take the slide or stairs
  • Also includes closet for all her fashions, a fish tank that doubles as a flat screen TV, and an indoor swing
  • The perfect gift idea that any girl will love


Popular Pollyworld Games 'N Stuff

Polly Pocket Fashion Boutique Playset

 Fashion Boutique Playset Polly Pocket Party Collection Fashion Playset


2 Cool at Pocket Plaza - DVD with Pia Dolls and Fashion

 2 Cool at Pocket Plaza - dvd

Breaking News! Polly is starring in her 2nd movie!! Get ready for another FAB adventure with Polly and her pals, as she launches her 2nd movie! This time, everyone is in for "a spot" of confusion when Polly's identical cousin, Pia, visits from England. It's the grand-opening for Polly's Dad's new luxury hotel, and Polly and the Pockets will be star performers at the celebration. Polly's nemesis Beth and her cohorts will do just about anything to ruin their fun. Can cousin Pia save the day by playing double duty? The DVD also comes with Polly, Pia, their pets and mix and match fashions.
Get ready for another fab adventure with Polly and her pals, as she launches her second movie! This time, everyone is in for a spot of confusion when Polly doll's identical cousin, Pia, visits from England. It's the grand opening of Polly doll's Dad's new luxury hotel, and Polly and the Pockets will be star performers at the celebration. The DVD also comes with Polly, Pia, their pets and mix and match fashions. Dolls measure approximately 4" tall.

Editorial Reviews

Pollyworld (2006)

PollyWorld - DVD

Starring: Pollyworld

Product Details

Actors: Pollyworld
Format: AC-3, Animated, Color, Dolby, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.

Polly's an optimist who regularly puts the needs and feelings of others before herself, so when she and her friends are invited to spend the weekend in the "PollyWorld" theme park and compete in a reality show called "Roll Like That," it seems like the perfect opportunity to have a great time while demonstrating just how effective teamwork can be. Polly's disturbed when her father unexpectedly announces his engagement to a woman named Lorelai, whom Polly has never met, but she is determined to be happy for her father and enjoy her weekend with her friends. Fun and teamwork take precedence over winning for the team and the girls are having a great time in Polly World until she discovers that Lorelai has joined forces with her adversary Beth and is scheming to destroy her team's chances of winning and the close relationship Polly has with her Dad. Rather than jeopardize her father's happiness, Polly stays silent, potentially sacrificing her own contentment and her team's chances of winning the "Roll Like That" challenge. This first Polly Pocket movie is brightly animated, 68-minutes long, features contemporary teen rock, and appeals to girls ages 5 and older. --Tami

Join your favourite doll as she makes her movie debut in POLLYWORLD and she hits the world's most fabulicious amusement park full of monster good rides the ultimate shopping experience and music to the max including a not-to-be-missed performance by Polly and The Pockets! She and her classmates compete in a charity version of their favorite mega-reality show Roll Like That! The only thing holding them back from winning the sweet first prize is Polly's scheming future stepmom and her jealous classmate Beth. But with Polly's totally fab best friends behind her there's nothing a little girl power can't overcome!

Polly Pocket's Fashion Beach Game
Buy new: $19.99
8 Used & new from $17.99

 Trendy Fashion Beach Game

Cool Product Features

A game where little girls dress Polly Pocket for beach shopping, party hopping and more
Players pick cards and guide her through a fabulous shopping spree
Included bonus DVD
Ages 4 yrs. and up

Product Description
This cool path game features the sassy, hip and fashion forward Polly Pocket dolls, as she and her friends are always on-the-go and full of surprises. Girls dress the dolls during game-play as they pick cards to guide the shopping excursion. The game includes two authentic fashion Polly dolls and four outfits.

What's everyone complaining about? I LIKE it!,
By J. Simmons

Durability: Fun: Educational:
My 5 and 7 year old daughters absolutely love playing this game -- there is not much educational value, but what's wrong with Imagination, family members interacting, friendly competition and playing with cute little polly pocket dolls??? That is JUST AS IMPORTANT as what most would call "educational." (and can you believe that parent's review that says she's upset about the SUV?? give me a break and relax a little!)

As others have said, you move your doll to each "store" on the board, draw a card, and if the appropriate piece of clothing is there, you can dress your Polly with it and move on. What's wrong with that? It's fun, my girls enjoy it, and we play and laugh together -- I feel like waking them up now so we can play a late night game of Fashion Beach -- they'd love it! Play it with your kids, enjoy their company and innosence and don't worry that the paper picture of an SUV is going to corrupt their morals!!

My 5 year old loves it!
By JaniceNJ

Durability: Fun: Educational:
My daughter is totally into Polly Pocket. We got her this game for Christmas; at first, I thought the directions were confusing and wasn't sure she'd enjoy it. But, the more times we played it, the less confusing it got. Now she wants to play it all the time. There's NO educational component to the game, you simply move around the board, in and out of "stores" to try to complete the outfit pictured on your "shopping list." The first one to complete her outfit and get to the finish is the winner. Definitely needs adult assistance at first, but is an OK game (and a winner for fans).

Polly Pocket Uno Card Game
by Mattel

Uno Card Game

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
Polly brings her own fabulicious personality to the #1 brand of family card games. The stylish custom UNO cards feature all her best pals, and because Polly loves things that work two ways, the exclusive Rockin' Blockin" card has a special 2-ways-to-play rule.


Polly Pocket Splash Island by Destination Software/Vivendi Universal
(Game Boy Advance)


 Horsing Around Playset

 Horsing Around Playset

Go Horseback riding with Polly and her friends! Ages: 3 + Manufacturer: Mattel0 points


Ready for a little flower power? This Fab Flower compact is the coolest way to carry a whole line of fashions and accessories for Polly and Lila. The dolls can get all dressed up in their fancy fashions and jewelry that includes bracelets and necklaces. Whatever clothes they are not wearing, they can put in their 'puzzle' pink blister or inside the cool hard flower case to take on-the-go. Ages 3 and up.0 points

Totally Trendy Pets Wild Ride Safari Car
Polly's Totally Trendy Pets Wild Ride Safari Car - Polly and Rick (Purple)

Take a wild ride with Rick and two fab pets they picked up on their ultimate jungle adventure! Both dolls have their stylish safari mix and match fashions and safari jeep vehicle with a roof you can flip to become a pet cradle. Ride with Polly and Rick in the purple jeep or Lila and Drew in the orange jeep all themed with fun animal print! Colors and decorations may vary. Order includes one set. Please enter your preference in the comments section, available during the checkout process. A...0 points

Totally Trendy Pets Paw Spa Playset

Totally Trendy Pets Paw Spa Playset

Now Polly and her five pets can get a fab facial or get glammed up with new 'dos that are perfect for their real hair. Afterwards, she and her pampered pets can chill-ax in the relaxation room.. The Totally Trendy Paw Spa comes with a Polly doll, five pet friends, plus lots of fashions and accessories. Colors and decorations may vary.

Groovy-Glam Pony  Doll

Groovy-Glam Pony Doll

PollyTM and Lila® each come with an adorable pony pal. They can glam up their real ponys hair with stylish accessories. PollyTM and Lila® even have trendy mix and match fashions with their ponies so they will look totally fab wherever these favorite pairs go! Colors and decorations may vary. Subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone.s

Polly's So Hip Cruise Ship Travel In Style Fashions

So Hip Cruise Ship Travel In Style Fashions



Take a walk with YOUR FAVOURITE DOLL and her four cute pups. Before you head out, dress up her pups in adorable outfits and pick out delicious treats at the dog bakery. Pack them all up and take them on the go in the bone-shaped carry case. Includes doll, four pups, fun fashions, accessories and carry case. Doll cannot stand alone.



Polly and her fab cruiser get a stylin' transformation. Simply load the makeover chamber with Quik-Clik car fashions, place Polly doll's cruiser at the entrance, push the lever and your doll's Quik-Clik cruiser looks fab and totally fresh. Girls can even customize Polly's car with stickers for lots of different looks and endless possibilities.The Playset includes doll, her stylin' cruiser and lots of Quik-Clik fashions and accessories ...

Polly-Tastic 3 Decker Bus

 Polly-Tastic 3 Decker Bus

Polly's Polly-Tastic Adventure Triple Decker Tour Bus* Hop aboard this triple decker tour bus and see how Polly' and her friends travel in style! The sides unfold and the top pops up to a posh three-story pad! Polly' and her friends can hang out and play games in the lounge where the dashboard flips down to reveal and DJ booth, and the driver's seat doubles as a couch. Take her up to the second floor dressing room to try on outfits for the next stop. There's a top-floor penthouse suite...



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    Official Polly Pocket site: where kids can play new 3d style games like Balloon Burst Races,Best Luau, Parachutes Away, Hasty cakes, Kooky Kitchen, Poster Paint Party, Magic Fashion Stage, Hotel Hunt, Rock Star makeover, Cool Creatures, Drive'n'Style, Dolphin Ride, Whacky wardrobe, Polly Soccer game, you can play with Polly at her house, decorate rooms, shop with her in the Polly Mall, dress up, visit the roof top terrace, watch cool videos like Necklost and Granny's Goulash, Movie Night, and explore her ULTRA fun Polly world. Latest games include Let's Go to Polly World.
    Also the International Polly Pocket world website for girls around the world - Polly's Activities include dance studio, ocean, treasure chest, band buddies, mall, garden, and Polly's house. Includes links. [Animated, Interactive, Requires Shockwave Plug-in] - Girls are awarded badges and Coins, while playing games and actitives or watching videos. They can use these coins to purchase virtual goods in the Mall to play with in Polly Pocket World. Buy digital dresses and fashions or shop for home decor.


Polly's Online Coloring Fun :

  • Polly Pocket Coloring pages - A great and safe web site for little girls, with lots of good online Polly Pocket coloring pages to print out. Get the kids to color in their favourite doll with these fun coloring pages. * Fancy Dress-Up: Here is an opportunity for the girls to make themselves real pretty. Help them do their hair and put on little ...


    Video Games Tips, Cheat Codes, Message Boards and Blogs, Cool Fan Sites,  Groups and Communities , Toy, Fashion Doll Websites, and Retailers

    Polly Pocket toys and accessories can be bought from the official Mattel site, Amazon, ToysRus, and Target in the Usa. - Polly Pocket dolls, fashion coloring scenes, toys, and games :Search Polly toys and games on Amazon - Only for obsessed Polly Pocket Collectors - can visit the Mattel shop which offers Collectible Dolls, and imaginative toys like Polly's Hangout House, Slumber Party Safari Car, Includes pictures, descriptions, information, and links. Create your own custom  t-shirts, shirts .. An online boutique where you can design your own logos, stamps, patterns, T-shirts, shirts, clothing, and other apparel for Polly and friends. Design your own personalized products! For collectors of old and vintage Polly Pocket toys and dolls.

           Only Polly

Fun site with all kinds of collectible Polly Pocket dolls and information, including a Complete guide book for collectors of vintage Polly Pocket sets, written by the creators of the ever-popular web site


  • Polly Pocket Printable Invitations

    Kids Birthday Party Guide

    Great ideas for creatng invitations and decorations, party games and activities like Pin the Flower on Polly, Jewel Hunt, Awesome Purse Puzzle. Plus cake making and party food suggestions.

    You can buy FREE Printable Polly Pocket doll themed Invitations for you to download, customize and print ... Free Printable Coloring Pages, Greeting Cards, Party Invitations & more.


    Also fun Polly Birthday Party Ideas

    Amazing Moms

    Invite all of your pals to this fab-tastic Polly Pocket birthday party with party games, crafts, birthday party supplies and decorating tips!


    on Amazon

    Party Ideas - Birthday Party Ideas for Girls, Polly Pocket birthday party ideas with fun party games, birthday banners,  napkins, cups, loot bags, paper plates,  favor bags, table covers, invitations,  fun crafts, party supplies and decorating tips!



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