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Happy Halloween!

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Putnik the Pumpkin

Putnik The Pumpkin Saves Halloween
All Halloween creatures have been cursed. Help Putnik to save them by shooting the magical pumpkins


The Maze
The scary maze game that started all the hype! If you haven't played this game yet, you are missing out! Do not be fooled by imitators... this is the original.



This is the second version of Scary Maze Game which is made in Japanese version. Try out your luck in this one.

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the ScarIest MaZe Game

You've played Scary Maze -  but that was predictable after a couple of times.

Now play Scariest Maze Game,  with unique random startling events guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.... if you dare?


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Dracula's Bride Dress Up
There is a big party at the Dark Castle: Dracula is getting married. He has finally found his perfect mate in this beautiful vampire girl. As this wedding will be talked over and over for centuries to come, the vampire bride wants to look amazing to have Dracula be happy for have chosen her to spend the eternity with. Choose her vampire bridal gown from the amazing ones she's got then get her ready with a hairstyle, veil and flower bouquet, everything that a bride should have.

Haunted Housewife Dress Up
Boo! Your friends are coming over for an early Halloween Party at your haunted mansion. Choose from these cute and sexy outfits, hats, wings, belts and more as you host this spooky party!.

Halloween Costume Dress up
Halloween Costume Party Dress up Game

Haunted HouseSuper Mario Halloween Edition
Haunted House
Can you escape the haunted house alive? Try this Halloween-inspired game!
Super Mario Halloween Edition
The classic Super Mario Brothers with a Halloween theme.
Zombie Creator Halloween 2009
Ghostscape 2Ghostscape 2
You investigate a strange run-down house, you get locked in and there many strange sounds and occurences...

Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt
It is Halloween and the witches are flying... it is up to you to shoot them down. You have 1 life, shoot as many as you can! Each time a witch manages to fly across the screen you will hear their evil laugh and you'll lose your life. have fun!!


Happy Halloween!

Spooky Creator

Spooky Creator
A Ghostly Halloween Scene Maker... Create a halloween scene, choose from hundreds of spooky props



Halloween Cute Dress up Halloween Cute Dress up
This cute boy wants to go out in Halloween day. You need to give him a make up with those items from the pumpkin and the house.
Halloween Masquerade Halloween Masquerade
It this Halloween Masquerade game, click on the pumpkin, and get some spectral costomers and other clothes for these lovely girls.
halloween-smash/ Halloween Smash
Align 3 or more objects in a line
out-of-halloween/ Out Of Halloween
It is Halloween and the pumkin head are coming from all direction
piglet-and-pooh-on-halloween/ Piglet and Pooh on Halloween
In this Halloween game, you can color these cartoon characters like Pooh, Piglet. They may go trick or treat for candy with you.
pimp-my-zombie/ Pimp My Zombie
Pimp My Zombie is going to be an instant Halloween hit. in the game you will dress up a monster.
pumpkins-ballade/ Pumpkins Ballade
Fly a broom as a witch in this halloween game
super-mario-halloween-edition/ Super Mario Halloween Edition
The classic Super Mario Bros with a Halloween theme.


Virtual Haunted Houses Online

Virtual Haunted House Games Sites
Virtual Haunted House Games

  • FRIGHTBYTES - Home of one of the first virtual haunted houses. May your visit bring you many fevered nightmares.  
  • Vertigo's Funhouse - Visit Vertigo's patch of darkness for a spooktacular time! As you venture further into the funhouse you will be rewarded with more and more creepy surprises, screensavers, games, wallpapers, midis, waves, gifs, and other things.
  • House On Ghost Hill 2 - A haunted house adventure full of sites and sounds. Are you brave enough to make your way through this house?
  • Legault's Castle of Horror - This virtual castle is filled with ghastly creatures, eerie sounds, and secret passages, and is sure to send a shiver down your spine .
  • The Chancery House - A virtual haunted inn with many rooms, extensive grounds and hidden special effects. Links to horror writers, odd and bizarre corners of the web. Attend a virtual seance and Halloween party.  
  • Halloween Fun Scare - Halloween fun, scares, stories, greeting cards, links and more reside deep within this virtual haunted house. Come in if you dare...
  • Haunted Mansion -Haunted House - An online spooky haunted mansion. Tour through many rooms and graveyards.
  • Haunted Mansion - This site has lots of spooky rooms to explore. There are also Halloween graphics, spooky sounds, Halloween fonts, globes, links and much more.
  • Horrible Things to Think About - Enter the House of Igor. If bumps in the night make you hide under the blankets, and if the sight of blood makes to quiver do not enter these haunted halls.
  • Terror Terrace - A collection of the sights and sounds of Halloween.
  • The Haunted Mansion - Take a tour of Fundmental's Virtual Haunted House. You'll find room after room of interactive spooky fun!
  • The Ladd School Virtual Museum - A photographic journal of a creepy excursion through an abandoned institution.
  • The Ozak's Haunted Home - Can you find your way out of the Ozak's Haunted Home? Lots of rooms, including a haunted garage, music room, and game room. If you go to the garage, you can also take a drive down Spooky Street. Great fun














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