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**Featured games TO PLAY : Barbie Pajama Party

New Barbie Slumber Party Pajama Dress up Game

Play Barbie Pajama Party

This weekend Barbie wants to throw a pajama party in her girly girl room, so she has invited her girlfriends for a sleepover at her place dressed in cute pajamas. Barbie is eager to show off her new pajamas just received as presents and to get dressed in one of them for the party. She has quite a few adorable pajamas she can wear that would make all of you girls jealous. What is most spectacular and a great surprise is that Barbie has in her pajama wardrobe a few personalised payama sets with her own name written on them. Isn't that just awesome, girls!

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All Girls into Fun Sleepover Ideas and Activities - we have a Guide of fun activities - and good Sleepover Party sites - for Girls, Kids and Teens!.


The Sleepover Club

The Sleepover Club - Best Friends!

Sleepover Club Book

Best girlfriends Frankie, Kenny, Lyndz, and Fliss are members of the Sleepover Club, which holds sleepover parties with fun games and plenty of snacks. After their teacher announces a knowledge-bowl competition, they are determined to beat school meanies Emma and Emily (the ?M&Ms?), and they just might, with new brainiac Rosie on their team. But the M&Ms will do anything to win, even steal the Sleepover Club?s bear mascot. The ensuing teddy rescue brings unexpected snafus and escalating rivalry, culminating in a suspenseful game, some sweet revenge, and, best of all, a new Sleepover Club member. First published in Great Britain, this series? debut title introduces a lively cast, and Frankie?s peppy, often-humorous narrative, which includes some Briticisms that are defined in context, provides an entertaining read even as it highlights the challenges and rewards of friendship. Readers will enjoy following the diverse group?s escapades and will look forward to future installments. Instructions for making club member cards and snack-dip recipes are appended. Grades 4-6. --Shelle Rosenfeld


The hugely popular Sleepover Club series with a new story and a  Meet Frankie, Kenny, Fliss, Rosie and Lyndz ? five best friends who just want to have fun!In this introductory story the girls have their first ever sleepover together and become the best of friends. When their school rivals, the horrible M&Ms, steal their club mascot, the girls are determined to get revenge?As well as a great story this book tells you how to have your own brilliant sleepover party ? with a list of things to bring, food to eat and games to play, you and your friends are guaranteed to have a fantastic time




Top Sleepover Games to Play Online

Scary Sleepover Game

Play Scary Sleepover Game

Play Scary Sleepover

Funny   - but  difficult and challenging. Use various items to scare the guest out of the house !

Miley and Lilly's Spa-Tacular Sleepover - Games - Hannah Montana Disney Sleeover Game

Miley Sleepover game

  Beauty & The Beat: A slumber party isn`t complete without doing your hair and makeup! Rock out with Miley and Lilly in this makeover sleepover!



Mini Sleepover - Online Dress Up Game

Mini Sleepover - Online Dress Up Game


Sleepover Games Ideas for Teens and Preteens


A Great Site featuring a Collection of Sleepover Ideas, reviews and suggestions for Girl Sleepover Games and Party Games for Girls and Teens .

Sleepover Games for Pre-Teens from - Eventwise.co.uk

More Fun and games for your slumber party!


Fun and games for your sleepover or slumber party! These games are the best and most rated sleepover games  and will definitely be popular at your next sleepover party.

Check out these really great sleepover games from Best Party Games website! they have around fifty games all perfect for a cool sleepover party, plus plenty of other games.  Most popular games include Jelly Baby Mountain, (a great game for making a mess)   the Malteser game, suitable for girls and kids of all ages, Boy Meets Girl - you know that game where everyone sits in a circle, gets a piece of paper,  and each write a boy's name at the top, fold it over so the name is hidden, and pass to the person on your right.  Murder in the Dark, a great game for sleepovers for pre-teens, Camera Game, Tapper, Sleepover dress up, Spin the bottle and more.


Mafia Game v2 · Name That Popstar · Surprise, Surprise ...

Top Sleepover Party Games for Teens

Camera Game
Camera game
Popular game where you just set your camera in timer mode, and take selfies of yourself and your friends, the surprise is that you don't have any control over when the camera clicks!

Spin Tasty (form of Spin the Bottle)
This is a fun game where you arrange seven plates in a circle , place nice foods like cookies, cake,  on two of them and challenge foods on the other (like mustard ). Place a bottle in the middle and take turns spinning it around, and each person has to eat what's on the plate the bottle points to.

Mafia Game
Blair Witch Hide And Seek
Sleepover Antics
Bigger And Better
Egg Roulette
Spin The Secrets
Spin The Bottle
Nail Painting
Dizzy Lizzy
Who Knows Susie Best
Character Shout
Great Blue Heron
Never Never V2
Digestive Poker
Malteser Game
Face Race
Jelly Baby Mountain
Blindfold Feeding
Snaps v2

Sleepover Games for Teens Part 2.

Fun and games for your party

Fun and games for your slumber party - part 2!

Boy Meets Girl

Everyone sits in a circle. Get a piece of paper and all write a boy's name at the top. Now fold it over so the name is hidden, and pass to the person on your right.
Everyone now writes a girl's name on the paper (don't peek at the last thing written on the paper).Then write a place. Next write a sentence that the boy says to the girl.And finally a sentence that the girl replies with.

Each time you write something you fold over the paper to hide what you have written, then pass it on.At the end, everyone gets to look at what their piece of paper says and reads it out to the party. Great fun!

Mafia Game v2
Name That Popstar
Surprise, Surprise
Sumptuous Susan
Draw Your Dream Date
Spot / Ibble Dibble
Sleepover: Trivia
Angels and Detectives
Kiss The Poster
Balloon Truth Or Dare
Sleepover: Slippers Games
Sleepover: Makeover Theme
Sleepover: Dressing Up
Sleepover: Celebrities
Sleepover: Best Friends Theme

Match Grab
Sleepover: Tricks



More Cool Slumber Party Games to Buy -  here from our kids store

Groovy Best Friends Sleepover Game

Dance Maker PJ Party Game

Dance Maker PJ Party game

Have a "Dance-Over" party so you and your BFF's can choreograph and perform the coolest, most creative dances ever made ! Dance Maker has enough dance moves to choreograph hundreds of unique dances. You and your BFF's can boogie 'til the break of day !

Slumber Party Box of Questions

Slumber Party Box

Here is your perfect party activity for those sleepless `slumber` parties! The Box Girls Slumber Party set includes lots of thought-provoking (and laughter-provoking!) questions to keep the conversation going all night. Ban yawns while you build friendships with these fun questions. Dimensions: 5` Diameter Assembled Recommended Ages: 8+ years

BFC Sleepover Quiz game

BFC Sleepover Quiz game

Crayola Creations Sleepover Party Case

Girl Sleepover Games -

The Crayola Sleepover Party Case has everything you'll need to make a sleepover a success: just bring your own pyjamas! The case, made out of lilac plastic, with deep purple plastic lid and lift-out tray, is the perfect organiser to keep your sleepover supplies together. Measuring roughly 27cm (10.5in) x 24cm (9.5cm) x 18cm (7in), there is more than enough space to store the invitations, certificates, sleepover door hangers (complete with "keep out" messages!), groovy stickers, pens and notepad provided, as well as much, much more. The lift-out tray that goes in the top of the case would nicely store make-up, jewellery, hair accessories, or any other girly necessity.

Also included is a fantastic Sleepover Guide, that is innocently age-appropriate, while offering many, many ideas for sleepover fun, including tips on different hairstyles and setting up the bedroom as a salon; ideas for co-operative art projects, cool suggestions for midnight snacks and spooky ghost stories -- the staple of many a midnight get-together! All in all, this is a lovely gift and an age-appropriate kit that will spark the imagination of many eight to 13-year-old girls who like getting together for girly chats. --Lucie Naylor

Not suitable for children aged three years and below, due to small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Suitable for ages eight and above.

Box Contents

  • 48-page sleepover guide book
  • A5 spiral bound notebook
  • Two sticker sheets
  • Eight invitations
  • Eight Membership cards (Secret Sleepover Club)
  • Four Sleepover Record cards
  • Four Sleepover Certificates
  • Two doorsigns
  • One Stonkin' Stamper pen
  • Three Dinky Sparklers -- Mini Glitter Gel pens
  • Three Groovy Writers Pens


    Suki and Suzie the cutest softest companions, with enchanting character faces, hair, pyjamas as you expect from JellycatTM. These girls are ready to come over for a sleepover with you - complete with quilted sleeping bags.

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