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~ Fairy World Games ~

StarMake create design virtual 3d fairy games for girls

***New - The Halloween Fairy and Barbie Princess Fairy Secret

Play the Hallwoeen fairy! Play our New Barbie Fairy Princess Maker Choose and colour fairy wings for Barbie to wear. Click the Make Wings button when she's ready to flap them and flutter off!

Create a Fairy - Virtual Fairy Maker

Make a Fairy and dress her up!Frozen Elsa Snow QueenFire Fairy
Play Frozen Elsa Snow Queen - Fire Fairy
Follow me now  to play lots more virtual fairy, mermaid, and angel games,  Winx Club characters, and more cool fairy maker, avatar creator games.

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Fairytales and Magic Games

A Unicorn She Was   *** Elsa Frozen Real Hairstyle

Play Unicorn Fairy Elsa Frozen Real HaircutFrozen Elsa Snow QueenPlay Winx Club Differences 2

Dress up this beautiful 3d Unicorn Girl - Elsa Frozen Real Haircuts this beautiful princess ice queen needs to be released from her ultra-boring hairstyles. Princess Elsa can finally stop controlling her magic power. Take off the glove, use her magic to create different kinds of stages, in this 3d style popular Frozen game! Have fun!

Play Winx Club Differences 2
Desciption: Spot all the Differences between 2 images before time runs out!Will you join the girls helping them look for everything they have lost, they will need your expert help with this game!

*** New 3d Fairy Princess Girl Makeover and Dress up

Play Princess Ariel 3d makeover and make up

Princess Ariel Dress up

Help Princess Ariel dress up for the royal meeting with her prince!

Gwefelyn  Make up Damandi Snow Fairy Makeover
Gwefelyn Fairy Makeup

Do a makeover for this lovely fairy girl please! There's always room for improvement. Let your imagination run wild
Damandi is the Snow Fairy and now the winter is almost over. She is slowly getting ready for the Snowflake skating party, the last winter party before the Spring. Help her look like a breath taking princess for the date with her beloved Snow Prince tonight.

Make up Gwefelyn in 3d Dress up Damandi the Snow Fairy

Welcome to the Virtual Fairy World. Here you can decorate beautiful Fairy gardens, dress up fire and tooth fairies, pixies and elves, make over Gwefylyn and the Snow Fairy in cool 3d style, or dress up Moonglitter, the fairy goddess messenger who travels by moonbeam through our world, and can only be seen by the light of a shooting star! Discover mystical forest and nature spirits, fairytale princesses and magical unicorns. Ofcourse, we also have Disney Tinkerbell, Elsa and Anna Frozen princess games,  popular puzzle games, and lots more coming soon! *** Just to also let you know that if you have a slow internet connection, please be patient, as some of the games on this page are very high quality 3d, and so they may take a little while to load! Hope you enjoy! 


***Featured Virtual Games Online for Girls

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Virtual Fairy Maker

Virtual Fairy Maker

Make your own Virtual Fairy Avatar nnd dress up



Disney Tinkerbell Fairies in 3d

Play Disney 3d Tinkerbell Kick up!


Play Disney Tinkerbell Kick up

If you are missing the Disney Fairies,

then here's a beautiful  3d Tinkerbell game for you!

***PLAY YOUDA 3d fairy game

Youda Fairy Game

Help the wizard by creating fairies and then send them to protect the villagers !

The wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 years. Together with his fairies he has been protecting the innocent villagers from the strange and dark forces controlled by the evil witch. This epic battle between the forces of good and evil is as old as time itself, but now the kingdom is danger. The Forest Wizard must leave the kingdom and he is now seeking a replacement. He wants you to become the new forest wizard and guard the kingdom against the wicked enchantments and spells of the evil witch. The forest wizard relies on fairies to help guard the kingdom and to begin your new life, you must first learn how to create them in the magical pond. Using lilies, fireflies and a bit of special magic you will create the special fairies and learn to send them to protect the villager’s houses. The old wizard will also teach you the secrets of wizardry instructing you on the spells and potions you will need to defeat the dark forces. But beyond the magical pond the peaceful kingdom is not what is seems, deep within the forest there are enchanted animals and evil spells. The witch is a potent opponent who is willing to go to any lengths to battle with you for the reigns of the kingdom. She will make the animals eat your fireflies and cast spells over the villager’s houses which you will have to learn how to break. You will need to use all of your wisdom and powerful spells you have learnt from the forest wizard to help you on your quest. Prove you are a worthy opponent of the evil witch and defeat her to become the new forest wizard.



***Featured Virtual Fairy Game

The Nature Princess Fairy

Discover the magical princess from deep in the forest !

Play Nature Princess Forest Fairy

Play now!

Enjoy this beautiful nature fairy spirit dress up, create wings, and magical outfits.  Game will open in a new page - but may take a minute to load!

play fullscreen
















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