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***New virtual simulation games, free 3d world game trials, Play new avatar makers, plus hot 3d dress up, fashion, pet and social games for kids and teens

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Avatar Chat

Meez World -Play Free Trial

free virtual world games

Virtual World for Girls

Virtual Girl Avatar Chat World

Free avatar chat in our Virtual Lounge

  Sims Games Like the Sims

Play The Sims 3d Dress up  

***New Simulation Games

Play Janes RealityPlay Sim Lemonade MillionaireSims Dating

***NEW!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Girls online simulation, anime, and sim dating games. New 3d pet and animals, anime pet creator, dogs and horses

***Featured Free New Virtual Girl Games for Girls Only, kids and teens - all to Play Online for Free Now!

Monster HighWinx Bloom Anime Dressup

Barbie, Doll, Winx, Secret Builders Girl Online Avatar Creator

Winx Club   - Mermaid Games - Fairy Games - 3d Girl Games

3d Virtual Girl Creator - Build Yourself - Create your own Barbie girl -  3d Virtual Fairies - Mermaid and Princess games, Polly, Barbie, Bratz, Winx Club Virtual World


Play some cool pet and animal games!

Play Family and Time Management!

new family, time management, janes hotel, and baby caring , play Littlest Pet Shop,enjoy social gaming and farm time management games




GOOD COOL NEW VIRTUAL GAMES ONLINE for girls, boys, kids, tweens, teens,

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 Avatar Worlds - Online Chat - Virtual Friends 

Virtual World for Girls Only
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Cool Gaming Worlds

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    Welcome to Girlgamezone, from Debra M -  Over the next few months, we'll be reviewing and looking at all the best online worlds for kids, with fun games to play, and creating our own top list of the coolest free online online sites for girls, boys, and kids of all ages, from tweens 8-12, right up to teenagers, and adults.

    You can also search our site now,  discover and explore all our awesome and highly popular online world trials - all completely free to play right here on our website, with no download, sign-up, or registration needed. Or, you can check out our hot list of all the top virtual world gaming sites for kids in 2014.  Plus reviews of all the very latest and best online worlds, all the most popular and realistic 3d simulation, and virtual life games for kids and teenagers.

    We also focus on the best games designed for girls only, so if you are looking to play much more traditional girly themes, like 3d fashion model designer, dress up, makeover, room decor,  hair, nails, shopping simulation, and realistic cooking games, then you've come to the right place.  We also now feature lots of the best virtual angel, mermaid, princess, vampire, fairy world and fairy tale games, including Tinkerbell 3d, which is good news for all of you fairy fans, with the recent sad news that the Disney Fairies world site closed down this year. 

    We also have most of the Winx Club and Monster High School doll  games, 3d room makeover, and house decorating,.. you can even make Your Own Barbie and design a Barbie House!

    Other good and popular websites that we can currently recommend, for the best selection of free online virtual world games to play, are: Primary and Miniclip. For teenagers, who want to play games with a more interactive 3d experience, Smeet offers a special teen themed world where teens can connect with other users their own age group,through avatars, and chat about everything from celebrities, music and movies to teachers, and school life, and free online virtual life games which involve no downloading.









Play Our World for freeSecret Builders - Free  Online Trial

Play ***New OurWorld now  and ***New DownWorld  -  Free Trials

     Girls World Games - Secret Builders - OurWorld Trials


Play Virtual Villagers

Play Virtual Villagers Online for free!



Create - Make your own avatar characters for  online worlds like OurWorld , Secret Builders, Meez, Woozworld and Downworld, make friends in our Harry Potter 3d chat lounge, and try more free avatar chat sites like Rocket On.

Free trials from some of the top online worlds to play right now at Girlgamezone. What's more fun than playing in cool online environments - meeting people - and looking good and stylish at, a leading web site designed for kids, with beautiful fashion designs, chat, puzzle, arcade, action, and strategy games to play, including Sunny Boom and Shovel Jackpots, We also offer a free trial of their new rpg adventure world -

ALSO - *** BRAND NEW at Girlgamezone - we've just added a fun new social gaming area designed just for girls. ...with completely free online trials and downloads of virtual families, youda social, baby caring, animal, pet creators, people, boyfriend, girlfriend, avatar, and new character creator games 





NEW Virtual World for Girls  Recommended!




Girl Avatar -Join Us!


 Avatar and Chat Online  for Girls, Kids, Teens, Tweens


Virtual Girl Avatar Chat

What is RocketOn?...ROCKETON is a Cool, Downloadable Avatar site where you can create your own avatar, chat, and play free virtual games. Girl GameZone now has our very own Rocket On virtual chat world lounge for girls so you can go there and try out their Chat Space for free right now!

And why is this website so cool? ...Because, once you have signed up, created your avatar, and logged in to RocketOn, you can then take your avatar away with you and use it on other websites across the internet, travelling through weird wormholes and finding gifts or prizes! And since every website is interconnected, each site becomes a virtual destination where your avatar can jump off, explore and interact with others... Like other avatar based sites, there's also clothing, hairstyles, and accessories, and cute pets to adopt like cats and even panda bears. The more you use your avatar, the more points you earn. (* Some special items do cost money ) There are many kinds of chat options, and plenty of games to play, anyway, don't take our word for it, try it now for free here at Girl GameZone and Rocket On!


JOIN the GIRL GAMESZONE VIRTUAL WORLD - help create the Girl Games Revolution! 

Girl GameZone  Chat World for Girls




    Pets and Animals

    Free 3d  Pets and Animals for Girls and Kids - cool 3d pets, animals, realistic horse, and farm simulation games

      Fun virtual pets and animals for kids and teens,

    ***COOL!!! We now have a complete list of all the top virtual pet sites for 2014, including all your original ,favourite sites, like, where you can join up now for free trials....Click here for good pets and animals websites like Power Pets - a free online pet community where you can do all kinds of fun things, like adopt a virtual camel, feed, care for and play with cyber critters. Horse lovers also gotta check out their Horse Frenzy Horse Simulation games! Cool 3d dog sites like, also you can create and play with cute kittens and cats, dinosaurs and lots of other digital pets!, another great site for kids, which has many fun activities including chat rooms,  and with no download required, Webkinz World and Mara Pets, and  other pet worlds with free online flash games for kids. , the World's first virtual animal community and online gaming Reserve and wildlife site using webcams to view real live wild animals!


    Top Simulation Games for Girls and Kids


    COOL!!!  Are you looking for free simulation websites especially designed for teens, and games like the Sims? Then  maybe you should try Supple game, which is very similar to the Sims, except that your characters can actually talk, and you can also control whatever they say. Lots of fun, and very challenging. Read our full review here to learn more and click the FREE Download button to start playing yourself, on your pc or tablet, at home right now! We also have some of The Sims games -  like The Sims 3 Dress up, Sims 4, and Sims Day and Night. Or  you can play some our free anime sim dating games, created for girls, kids and teens, virtual surgery games, and lots of other popular free online simulation and time management games like Janes Realty, Sims Shopping Spree, and Rollercoaster Tycoon.



    FONT size=3 face=Arial>Virtual Fashion Show and Fashion Model Games for Teens

    Fashion in 3d

     Fashion Model games from Girlgamezone

    Girlgamezone has a range of the latest 3d fashion, supermodel simulation games designed for girls of all ages, and for more ideas for 3d model and fashion in online virtual worlds - why not check out our cool list of worlds for teens 



    MTV Virtual Worlds was a large network of free online communities where you could shop and live the MTV style of life, meet people, attend celebrity parties at top LA clubs and go shopping for the newest fashion styles!

    THE WORLD'S FIRST ONLINE VIRTUAL SUPERMODEL!!!! MTV's - Models Search.  A few years ago, launched the first-ever avatar fashion model contest, aspiring models created their own personal avatars for the opportunity of becoming the world's first ever virtual online model, by submiting photos of their avatars and describing why they deserved to be the new face of MTV'. The winners got to walk a runway and show off their personal avatar to the public. MTV users then voted for the ultimate winner, who then became the first ever virtual fashion model!!

    Virtual Reality

    MTV The Hills Virtual Reality Games - is a popular MTV reality show about the social life of Lauren Conrad. After leaving her home in California and moving to LA.The show is now in Season 6. You can join MTV the Hills, create your own avatar, meet and party with other MTV Hills fans, and the cast...Also The Hills: Mobile - Check out MTV Mobile for cool ringtones, and wallpapers! More MTV games like Laguna Beach at MTV Real World, and the Official MTV the Hills Blogs on MTV's hit reality tv show, The Hills with Lauren, Audrina, Heidi, Whitney, Spencer, Brody and the gang

    Coming soon - news about the Oculus' VR headset and new developments in vr gaming.


    Virtual Fashion Model Games - Good Sites 2014

    Fashion Expo from Seventeen

    If you're looking to play some good online fashion model games, we can recommend the great collection of fashion designer games at, from Suzie's Spa, to Runway Makeup, Chloe's Charm Shop, Salon, Stylist, and more Fashion Dress up, Boutique,  and Makeover games like  Fashion Expo, where you can Fire up the ramp with your dazzling designs, jazz up the models and make it a show they will die for. Get ready to dazzle everyone with your Fashion Expo! We also have some cool dress up model games over here!


    Girlgamezone Fashion Dress up

    Check out the Latest and most popular free online new 3d style dress up and fashion  here at Girlgamezone 



     Rollercoaster Creator

    Bubu family eating time

    Bubu Family

    Elliv island
    Create Sims dating rpg

    3d makeover

    3d makeover

    Create Virtual People

     Cool people and character creators, family and baby caring, simulation games




    SEARCH FOR COOL NEW FREE ONLINE SITES  - 3d Online Chat Sites for Girls

    Check out our COOL NEW 3d GAMES SEARCH FROM THE Girl GameZone

    Check out The Virtual Search Swicki

    Virtual Game Search

    The Buzz Cloud - HOT ONLINESEARCH!!!

       Search now for the best life games, top new sites like, and the latest girls worlds

     NEWS WIRE... Fun for Kids, Tweens & Teens GIRLS, KIDS, TEENS AND TWEENS Some Really Good New Sites for Girls

    Also Check out our reviews Online gaming worlds - websites designed for kids, teens and tweens

    Wizard 101 - New - Recommended!***

    ***Featured Virtual Web Sites  - designed for Girls and Kids

    One of the most popular sites we can recommend, if you want a to play some free online games and keep your finger on the pulse, is Virtual World's Land, you can check them out here ...


    Silicon Sisters Interactive  is a girl run video gaming studio in Canada, They have created "School 26", a Virtual School Game for Android and iPhone, ($2.99) and $4.99 for the Hd iPad version.

    Or what about the ***New British girl world "Brit Chicks"? The site is unfortunately down for maintenance right now but we'll bring you a review as soon as we can. Or ....Immortal Night - the new Vampire world.... Girls can also try Go - Go Goddess is designed just for girls, and their  aim to inspire "Cool, confident, powerful girls, who are talented and create their own personal styles rather than follow the crowd. " Each goddess has her very own fashion styles, and gems, so you can explore each character and learn more about their own unique personalities..

    There's plenty more fun, online, interactive, play environments with imaginative games to play, including girl fashion dolls characters, cool virtual shopping mall games, clubs to join and connect with friends, win prizes, enter contests, free downloads, personality quizzes, dolls and toys . Click here for more reviews of the best girl WORLDS..


    Our Girlgamezone Guide has links to all the best web sites and virtual games online, for  girls of all ages, ranging from 3d chat worlds like to Whyville - a cool site where you can play simulation games, own land, build your own house, win prizes, chat, and join in a lively online community!


    New Online worlds like Wizard 101, where you can create your own wizard, and create a magical fun world of your own in a safe, friendly, space for kids, tweens, and teenagers, where you can also meet people, have fun, make new friends, play, chat, explore, and have cool adventures in magical 3D virtual environments.


    FunGoPlay is a new website aimed at boys and girls, and kids aged 6-11, with multiplayer and fun single mini-games in a sports theme park setting, There are fun customizable avatars, unique characters, and a variety of sports to play, from baseball, football and basketball games, to soccer, and extreme sports like snowboarding and skateboarding . But what makes it rather different from many other fun new game worlds is that you can earn rewards for your real time play in the outside world!

    Some other exciting new virtual life and adventure worlds for girls and kids coming out in 2014,  include Human-age, a historical role playing - simulation game and virtual world, a free rpg site, where you can adopt a human being and help them through various ages of mankind. And "MonkeyQuest" from Nickolodean, creators of Neopets. Monkeyquest is a multiplayer virtual world designed for families, where you can create and completely customise your own monkey avatar, and have adventures as you explore the Imaginary World of our full review here...

    Or you can join the world of Habbo Hotel. certainly still one of the biggest virtual online hangouts for kids - The Habbo website is a fun safe 3d virtual kids world, for kids and teens, where you can meet up with friends, download and play games, design your own rooms, collect coins, buy furniture, have parties and more. Adventure Rock, from CBBC  "where you can create your own music and dance, drawing, and animation." A unique and imaginative 3D space you can explore, play,  and express yourself creatively, while solving the mystery of the island.


    Top List of Worlds for Adults, Kids, Tweens, Teens, Boys and Girls 

    Online worlds for all ages, where you can create an avatar,  interact, join communities, play free games, buy land, own a city, island or state, earn money and more. Join now and live your own second life.

  - the New Online Virtual World for Girls only

    V-Girls Community

     Online Community for Girls Only...
     V- Girls Virtual Girl Games


    V-Girls - from will one day be our very own girl gamezone 3d gaming  community,  and we'll be looking for creative ideas from you! There will be competitions and great prizes, so please check it out! What will make The V-Girls so special, unique, even, is that you can all become involved in the design and creation of the world.

    V-girls  ....COMING SOON!!!


    Roleplaying , Adventure, Multiplayer

    Play RPG  Anime, Pokemon,   

    MMORPGS, Adventure Games like Nancy Drew, Final Fantasy, Halo 3, Harry Potter
    NEW!!!*** CLICK HERE to
    Check out New Harry Potter Chat World 

    ***SPECIAL GIRLS World DIRECTORY for Fashion Maker and 3d Fashion Games...COMING SOON!!!

    Fashion dress up and make-up with online fashion designer games for girls - Design your own virtual school games online Play Barbie - online, 3d Barbie fashion, Polly Pocket, and Bratz, Barbie dolls and Barbie dress up .  Winx Club websites - Disney Princess, Disney Channel, and Pokemon for you! High School Musical in 3d , or Hannah Montana Virtual World



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