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Top Virtual Worlds for Girls Only

Check out our complete list of all the top girl only worlds, like Hidolls, and Innerstar University, and Allgirlarcade,  and see what you think!

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List of  All The Top Virtual Online Worlds for Girls, Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

Virtual World Games for Girls

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 Try our free online virtual worlds -Secret Builders 3d Virtual lounge - Our World Games, ***New Harry Potter 3d Chat World - Meez - Sociotown,  Downworld . Fun new girls worlds, social, cool 3d games for girls to play. Plus our Free Live Avatar Chat Room for girls and boys


Play the best baby and family world games, awesome 3d avatar makers, tyr our virtual girl creator, plus 3d makeover, fashion, cooking, and much more ! Also, don't forget to check out some of our cool, new, 3d  games to play now - here at Girlgamezone!







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Virtual Worlds for Girls Only?

Over the past few months, we've been researching and creating an extensive list of all the top online worlds for kids and tweens, and exploring all the different options available to girls and boys.  And all this time, we've also been asking ourselves the  question - what exactly makes a good virtual world for girls? In other words, what makes us girls so different from boys, and what are girls really looking for in an online play or social environment,  what really defines their perception of a cool girl world? Ofcourse, the answer varies enormously, depending on the individual girl or woman you ask...

Doll Worlds
For some of you younger girls, it's always going to be the glittering, magical, disneyfied rainbow-colored cartoon style of Disney fairies , and the very pink world of Barbie, Bratz , and Monster High with cute avatars to dress up, glamorous doll fashion styles, shopping, and trendy accessories to acquire and buy, and girly-centered chat environments.

Tygirlz,  was the first online world designed for girls only, now just focused on  their own range of real-world fashion dolls, with names like "Bubbly Britney" and "Cute Candy".

More imaginative, is the magically themed world of
Startheria, aimed at 6-12 year olds, with five different environment to play in, including the new and intriguing Magic Time Room, and Magical Gazebo, where you can create a character and chat, or "dress up your avatar and fly around with friends". Kids can also collect secret code trading cards, and enter a competition to be in their web tv series, and read associated books with stories all about "love, hope, peace and joy and kindness", according to their creator, who wants Startheria to be more than "just about games", and also teach kids core ethics and values, with merchandise like trading cards and t-shirts. 

Then there are  sites like OurWorld - Games for Girls who Love Fashion, with it's unique, and stunning designs, and highly imaginative range of social games, which you can try out free, here on our web site!

Then ofcourse,
for girls who like fantasy, the famous Disney Pixie Hollow, now closed of course, but the web site still has Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy, plus Frozen, and Pixie Hollow games.

Bella Sara,
the magical world of horses, from Denmark, with fun  adventures, casual games, secret codes, arts, crafts, and puzzles,  which have been created primarily for younger girls, and appears to be  mainly focused on tweens . There is also the new,  Sparkcity web site, with it's fairytale themed castles, unicorns, and cute rabbits, continuing this trend, with charming educational games, combining math, geography, and human anatomy themes with social play.

Always Icecream
is another innovative play and learning community web site, where young girls can babysit each other's pets, and view each others artwork. But it's not all just about dressing up, fashion, cooking, and other traditional girl themes, perhaps you want to create your own avatar characters, girl band, or raise virtual pets.

Innerstar University - American Girl
American GirlAmerican Girl Activities Book

Innerstar University by American Girl offers online games, apps, and activity books, aimed at making learning fun, with skills building and various online activities, including choices of different secret endings to unlock in the books.

For older girls and teenagers,
of course, Teen Second Life , The Sims, Meez, Imvu, and other online social chat worlds with more grown-up themes, or more challenging 3d immersive environments and sophisticated role playing experiences, will be far more appealing. And, ofcourse, for those girls who prefer action, adventure, multiplayer, and role playing, there's alot more options out there to explore. Although many of these sites still appear to be targeted more specifically to the boy market. But many of us believe that there should be no such gender divisions.  If you'd like to know more about the different worlds for girls and kids of all ages, become more informed, read the latest news, and take part in our own girlgamezone survey to find out the best girl worlds of 2014 - as voted by all of you, then please check out our virtual world online games reviews, which includes all the very latest reviews and news about the best new worlds for teens, and our newest world game trials.
If your daughter just wants to "hang out" for awhile, create an avatar, and chat with some other girls, in a fun, safe, moderated environment, then she can try out our free Rocketon chat community for girls and kids or some of the other age appropriate community sites that we recommend.


 At Girlgamezone we now have a huge variety of virtual online games, and are always adding new ones every day, from 3d life style, social, and fun simulation games, to character and avatar creators, many of which are exclusive to our website, and all completely free to play here on girlgamezone, without any login or registration required. From beautiful angels, mermaids and fairies, and other typical girly themes of fashion, shopping, dressup, makeover, and cooking, to Monster High School dolls, 3d pet creators, Anime and Winx club dressup, to social, time management, and so much more. So please explore our site, have fun, read our reviews, and also head over to our Free Virtual Worlds Game Trials to play now, which will give you an oportunity to try out some of these games yourself without signing up or downloading, we think you'll agree that there's something for everyone!





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