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StarMake create design virtual 3d mermaid games for girls

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Barbie Princess Mermaid

Transform your Barbie into a beautiful mermaid princess of the underwater world!





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Virtual Mermaid Games Online

Barbie Princess Mermaid

Barbie is a beautiful princess mermaid and she has a wonderful life deep in the ocean. Tonight she participates a royal prom with other princesses. Of course her prince charming will attend this party. So she really needs your fashion skill. Let's help her dress up and enjoy!

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Dress up Ariel the Mermaid Princess

Play Little Mermaid Love Story

Play Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid Games


new 3d mermaids coming in next few days!



Play Mermaid Kingdom

Have you ever dreamed about how a mermaid kingdom would be? Will it have lots of colorful fish? Will it really have a castle? What other things can you imagine in a mermaid kingdom? Maybe a queen? Here is a chance to design and decorate your very own mermaid kingdom with your own special imagination.  


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Virtual Mermaid Princess Game

Play Virtual Mermaid Princess

Play Mermaid Princess

Play now!

Enjoy this beautiful 3d mermaid princess dress up, create hair, and new outfits to dress up your underwater princess!   Game will open in a new page - but may take a minute to load!

Virtual 3d Mermaid World Game from Switchin.net

Dive in 3d Mermaid

Play 3d Mermaid game

DiveIn 3D Chat MMO!
A brand new underwater chat room. Another free game to play from Switchin.net
You can swim around as a mermaid, dolphin, shark, seahorse and clownfish!
Give it a try and enjoy! Enjoy the Coral Reef location or the Ocean Floor where you can swim really fast!
Explore the hidden caves and meet some new friends online at DiveIn Chat MMO!


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