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LPS games


Virtual Pet Adoption

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Littlest Pet Shop Games
Virtual Worlds for Kids


Mini Dragon


Free Online Virtual Pet and Adoption Games
Pet Adoption, Breeding, caring and grooming games

Free Virtual Pet Game to Play Now!


Virtual Pets Online


Free Virtual Pet World Games for Girls, Kids,Tweens



Free Virtual Pet World Games

Our World PetsVirtual Horse GamesVirtual FarmNini the Dog Dressup

Virtual Games online for Girls to play now - Virtual pet avatar games from Ourworld, virtual horse creator, horse and pony games, from Polly Pet pals, Bolt the Dog and Nini Dress up , farm games, Virtual Farmer, the game that puts you in charge of turning a struggling farm into a booming success!

Pet Salon, Caring, Breeding, Adoption Games

Free Virtual Pet Games for Younger Kids

Adopt a Free Online Pet to play with - Virtual Pet Adoption

Dog and Cat Breeding gamesPlay Paws to Beauty


Virtual Pets to adopt and take care of- Adopt Online -  pet bunnies farm, cats, dog breeding , pigs, and more!



Youda Farm Games 

***NEW !!! Virtual Pet Online World Games like

 OurWorld Games, Yoda Safarii and Youda Farmer 2 & 3

for Girls, Kids, and Teens, trial no download

***Featured Free New Virtual Pet Games for Girls to Play Now! 







Virtual Games Pets - Virtual Animal Games Online - Interactive Pet Simulation Games - Avatar Games



Virtual Pet Online - Free Online Virtual Pet Games - Pet World GamesVirtual Animal Games Online - Pet Adoption - Awesome Pet Site List


****Featured Top New Virtual Pet Games at Girlgamezone




***coming soon - new VIRTUAL DOG GAMES 

Play Dog Games

Cute Puppy and Dog Salon games

Virtual Puppies and Kittens

Fun Virtual Pet Grooming and Carin - Play Virtual Dog Shop -Do you love your pets enough to take up our challenge to get food for them from the pet shop?

Virtual Pet Creator

Virtual Pet Creator 

 Play the Sims Online free  - Dress up Pets - Adopt a Virtual Pet Online


Dinasaurs and Dragons

Cool Dragon Generator

Dragon generator

Sophisticated generator, allows you to build and make a very 3d style virtual dragon, with many options to customize.


Tiny Dragon Creator


Use the mouse cursor to create your own dragon!


Mini Dragon

Cool 3d style from Snails Animation.

You can even dress him up and place him in a nest, cloud or castle.


Dragon Maker

A very cute dragon maker, customise teeth, claws and evrything!from Dizzie-Dog on Deviant Art


Prehistoric Riks

Save the people from Rock City and destroy all the flies!


Play Digimon Pet Games
Cute Digimon Pet GamesPlay Digimon Pet Creator Game- Digimon V Humans
Play Digimon Creator


How high can you fly Kooko?




Dress up Virtual Pets for Girls

Virtual Pet World Games, Sims Pets, and Fantastic Avatar Pet Creator Games

Virtual Worlds for Girls

3d Pet Games for Girls   -   Virtual World Games
More Virtual Pet World Games  where you can Create , DESIGN , Adopt a Virtual Pet Online, and play totally free  Petworld Games like Neopets, and the Sims pets , and more


***Featured  - from our Friends: Great Girls


Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner

Ofcourse we all know and love Penguin Diner!

Seat customers, take their orders, serve them food and drink, pick up their bill





Top Virtual Pet Sites List

More Pet Worlds Adoption Games Sites

The Best Free Online Virtual Pet  World Games

Top Sites where you can Adopt a Virtual Pet Online, try 3d Pet Adoption games, Desktop Pets, Make Your Own Pet to play with, and more

virtual pets to take care of - and adopt  online

Virtual Pet Games for Girls

DRESS UP your own virtual PETS AND ANIMALS !!!

Barbie Zoom and Groom
Barbie Pet Groom and Zoom
Groom and make beautiful: cats, dogs , and horses! Also check out Little Critter Clinic, Paws n Prizes, Pet dance, Caligirl decorate your dream horse!

Cali Girl Horse Adventure
Design and decorate a horse at Barbie.
Bratz Babyz Ponyz !

Prepare your Bratz baby ponyz for a fashion styling show! Or Play Bratz Babyz Fish Tank - Funky fishy fashion show! Choose your fish and decorate their tank
Cbbc Wild Games - Build a beast and help it survive different environments! or

Dress Paco the Goat
Dress this cute little goat in different outfits.

yetnother cow dress up game !

Dress Suzanne
Dress up this bird and go on a date.

GiroPets is a website where you can create and adopt a virtual pet , take care of it, watch it grow, feed and play with it, and even train it.
Raise, breed, dress and fight the odd litle Grophs. Lots of dress-up options!
Dress the hamster for a costume party.

Pick your fashionable furry pet, or animal, and then dress it up! Cool...
Max & Ruby Dress Up
Dress up 2 bunnies!
Make a Pet
Make a new pet for Princess and Henry.
Penguin dress up
Dress the cute penguin couple as vikings, Pikki Longstocking, Santa or something else!

Pony Castle
Build and dress the colorful ponies.

Pony Island
Breed, train, sell and buy ponies. You can buy a few decorative items for your ponies.


    Pony Play and Girl Gear
    Two pony dress-up games.

    From the Blue Peter BBC TV - play and train a pup, with some dress up also!

    Racing Frogs
    Create a frog, name it, train it, and take care of it.
    Switch Zoo
    Make new and strange creatures from animals at the zoo.
    Seymour at the Beach
    Dress Seymour the seagull for the beach

    Stretch's Dress-up Game
    This cheerful giraffe has plenty of clothes in his dresser.

    TeriPets strives to be original and unlike any other virtual pet site. Users are able to adopt and manage online virtual pets.
    Virtual Paper Squirrel
    Dress up the poor, cold, naked squirrel!

    A goose, Fluffy and Fido.
    Children-oriented community with tons of things to do, games to play, and places to explore.

    Adopt a Free Virtual Pet at -Virtual Pets - Adopt a virtual pet online: dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, birds, snakes, and others. Feed your pet, take it for walks, groom it, make it do tricks at

    Virtual Pet Adoptions - Virtual Pet Kitten and Cat Adoption and more at - Virtual Pet Adoption can be a lot of fun, just be careful. For those interested in learning more about "safe" practices on the Internet -

    Adoption Centre - Bunnyhero L abs - interactive, virtual pets you can adopt to put on your webpage, livejournal, xanga, blog, etc... for free! -

    Rescreatu pets -
    Virtual pet sites have often been a part of web games - but now there are more sites  like... Rescreatu,  which is not only fun, but also one of the fastest growing online virtual pet sites on the internet. Begin your journey by hunting for eggs on any of four diverse planets. Hatch a Creatu of your very own which you can raise, train and care for. Make friends, explore for rare items and discover an array of different Creatu roaming the planets. We welcome you to adventure with us through this unique and unpredictable universe

    Luna Pets - Cool Site
    Luna Pets is a free site where you can create your own pets, raise ... meet other players and raise a virtual pet, open a shop, play games, make friends, and much ...

    Free download games at Clubhound Virtual Pet Games
    Download free virtual games for dog lovers. ... Great pet lovers game! Cascoly Critters. CyPet 2.0. Free animal game. where you can  grab a new pet. ...

    GoPets: People, Pets, and Games!
    Travel the world with GoPets. Adopt a virtual pet online: dogs and cats and other animals. Play with your pet, feed it and dress it up. ... - Go to Fishland and create a free virtual pet! Have fun by playing the online games and buy items for your Fish. and create a free virtual pet.


    Powerpets - Welcome to Powerpets - Virtual Pet Game
    Virtual pet website, where users can adopt, groom, and care for their pets and play simulated games with them. ... Join now and play for  free. ...

    Mara Pets Games - Free Virtual Pet Site, Online Games & Dress Up Games
    Online  site featuring a variety of Flash games. ... All of this happens within our virtual pet site themed game.....

    Virtual Pet Home Page - Virtual pets, their history, design, benefits, and the future of ... adopt virtual pets, want to adopt a virtual pet, free virtual pets,

    Free online virtual pets - Neopets swicki - - Play Games - Feed & Play with your ... Mara Pets  - Free Virtual Pet Site, with cool online Games & dress Up Games ...

    Virtual Kitten - Free online games for Girls and Kids - Choose your kitten and care for him for the first year of his life!

    CoolCamels [ Kids/Teens ] - Offers games, art, stories, and forums. Adopt a virtual camel.
    Cyber Critters [ Teens ] - Free critters to feed, play with and care for.  
    Horse Frenzy [ Teens ] - A horse simulation game. Includes information, guidelines, stables anlinks. Poppy [ Teens ] - A bubble creature to nurture and care for. [Requires Flash]Power Pets [ Teens ] - A virtual pet community.
    Rainbow Guardian School [ Kids/Teens ] - Humanoid guardians arranged by holidays and seasons.



Webkinz World
Webkinz a ganz website - Virtual pets - Virtual Animals

Welcome to Webkinz a Ganz website . Ganz webkinz: Webkinz are really cute pets and also mkae great toys. Join In the Webkinz Virtual World where you have a secret code and care for your virtual pet, answer questions, earn money, and play some of the best virtual world kids games online. Webkinz - the stuffed animal that comes alive online in the Webkinz virtual pet World. Keep your Webkinz critters  happy and healthy, and make a home for them.

Crafty Critterz - Crafty Critterz, Speaking of critters, check out Kimmy's Crafty Critterz Club - the place where you can find out how to make awesome Webkinz-themed crafts and recipes! You'll notice that each recipe shows from one to five stars. The stars show how easy or hard a craft or recipe is. If a craft or recipe has one star, that means a grown-up assistant won't have to give too much assistance. If a craft or recipe has five stars, that means a grown-up assistant will have to help out a lot. We recommend that grown-up assistants help out with every craft and recipe - after all, what's more fun than crafting with a friend?

Every pet comes with their own code that gives
you access to all of the games, activities and
fun in Webkinz World.

Collect them all!

Click on the pet's image for a description and
to find out which exclusive present you will
receive when you adopt that pet.

Neopets : Welcome to Neopets! Neopets.Com - Virtual Pet Community! Join up for free games, shops ....



***NEW!!!NEOPETS GAMES AND LINKS! Check out theNeopets  homepage for more.

Club Penguin : Club


Club Penguin : Club Penguin is a safe virtual world for kids to play, interact with friends and have fun letting their imaginations soar. Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!



Virtual pet games free - Free online virtual pet, make your own pet!

make your own virtual pet to play with, adopt a  cute free virtual pet .





Dress up your show horse with 3d custom saddles, horseshoes, braids, manes, tails and much more!


Digimon World Online - Digimon World Video Games Site

virtual pets to take care of and adopt online
 Cool Virtual Pet Sites for kids - Make your own free online virtual pets



The Virtual Pet  Worlds - Search Hot tags!

adopt a virtual pet online, Free Online Virtual Animal Games -  pet games free  - virtual desktop pets -  Online pet adoption site - virtual horse games - just adopt a pet - webkinz secret recipes - webkinz game - webkinz a ganz website - make your own pet in a virtual world, VIRTUAL LAMB PET GAMES, 3d virtual pet world , bratz fish tank, virtual animal pet world dress up pets, make your own fun pet to play with, virtual puppy caring, dress up cats, dress up dogs, fun pet animal games, virtual world animals, 3d pets for girls, WEBKINZ.COM,



Free Virtual Games Search - Search our site for the latest  Free Online Virtual Pet World Games, Neopets, Marapets , Popular Horse Games,  Cool Pet Site Worlds like the Webkinz Website, free online virtual animals to play with - no download, Littlest  pet shop games, Dress Up,  Makeover and Fashion GamesPlay Pet RPG Games, Anime, Pokemon, Virtual Dog and Cat Games, Sims Pets, and more!




  Coming Soon.... Lots more Pet Dress up Sites - Dress up Spiderina - this cute pet spider dress up, where you can dress up a little spider! Cooni - or dress up a little duck! Cooper's Eggstreme Makeover - where you can dress up Cooper the chicken with his fashionable clothing!  Create your perfect pony! DollzBliss Animal Dollmakers, dress-up kittens and make a fish tank.   (Kelly Club) Dress up Ponies and Ride them! Dress the Monkey - Dress the monkey as a ballerina, a rocker, or something else! Dress Up Mixy - Dress up Minky - she's a pink bunny - all the way from an Australian kids cartoon. Dress up Jippers , Dress the turtle, pirate style. Dress Maggie Moo - Dress up Maggie Moo - A cute and crazy cow dress up game! Dress A Frog - Drag clothes with your mouse to dress up the froggie. Fernblossom Paper Dolls - Dress up Foxes, Magic Mare the Mane Attraction - where you can color and decorate the pretty horse! Spectrum Cats [ Teens ] - Adults and kittens represented by different colors, including rainbow and ghost. Trainquil Stables [ Kids ] - Offers cyber horses to adopt. Wish Horse [ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Includes a newsletter, message board, educational resources, and interviews.The A Circuit [ Teens ] - Forum based. Includes a bank, barns, horses and show results. Adopt a Bunny [ Kids/Teens ] - Rabbits in various colors and themes. Carousel Equestrian Center [ Teens ] - Includes rules, members, stables, and stores. Dragon's Love [ Teens ] - Offers different styles, including fairy dragons, in various colours. Nick-O-Qarium - Design a fish and take care of it. Move the red handle and click "stop" to create your fish. Outfitting for Adventure Dress up Resource Raccoon to match his environment. Beautiful sheep contest, Carrot Couture, where you dress up a cute bunny rabbit.



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