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VIRTUAL WORLD GAMES -Top Free Virtual Worlds for Teens and Teenagers

Virtual Worlds for Teenagers

  1. Teen SecondLife:

Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat. Teen Second Life is a version of Second Life reserved for teenagers, running on the "Teen Grid." x

  1. Habbo :

Age: Everyone from 13 upwards.
Most Habbo players in the 13-17 age

Check into the world's largest virtual hotel for FREE! Meet and make friends, play games, chat with others, create your avatar, design rooms and more, Habbo is a safe and moderated virtual world for teenagers, and social networking website,it's a virtual world where teenagers can socialise with each other using personalised avatars. The virtual world is based around the concept of a Hotel that features 'public' rooms created by Habbo where all players can chat and private 'guest' rooms created by other players. Teenagers are able to furnish their Habbo guest rooms with items of virtual furniture and may choose to adopt and look after a virtual pet.Habbo is a vibrant community which regularly
hosts events ranging from celebrity visits to creative games and online safety initiatives.

  1. The Sims 2: The Sims 2 is immensely popular and addicting and has all kinds of societies, communities, games and opportunities for meeting friends and experimenting with lifestyles and future dreams. You can download cool cars, exile yourself to Ying-Yang Island, download music, send postcards and more.
  2. Cybertown:

Age: Family orientated.

Cybertown CYBERTOWN, ( the futuristic Virtual Reality community on the internet set in the future - formerly known as ColonyCity) , family orientated , online community, describing themselves as, " the 3D VR entertainment community of the future. "Cutting-edge popular late 21st century off-world town featuring family-oriented fun with lots to do, get your own 2d hosue for free, use virtual money to buy 3D homes and items, or choose from lots of 2d or 3d chat rooms set up for different age groups .

  1. The Palace:

Safe Free Avatar Chat for kids, chat with your friends and import your own pictures to wear!The Palace is a visual chat software program/ platform where you can create your own avatar and your own chat server, international, with different languages. Palaces include the Palace in Wonderland, Kids Nation, Mansion,  Ocean Boulevard, Haunted Palace, and many more

"The Palace has a flexible avatar system that allows users to combine small, partially transparent images to create a unique look for themselves. Once the member has created an avatar to represent herself or himself, the member can pick up various pieces of clothing or other items, such as hats, handbags, cans of soda, candy bars, bicycles, or hand tools. The Dollz that can be seen in many places around the Internet today originated in The Palace"

Voodoo Chat: Voodoo Chat - is a stream chat engine which is designed to handle hundreds of visitors simultaneously, Video Chat & Voice Chat program, free download to take advantage of the graphical chat community with rooms like SinCity Family Room, No Boundaries and MojoMatch Hangout. Players communicate with gestures, animations and sound files, like Bites, which are an audio version of an emoticon.

VP Chat:

This Virtual World Chat lets you chat with your personalized avatar, play multi-player games, use instant messaging or voice chat.(subscription service, but you can chat free for two weeks)Chat, play games, make friends. As a guest, you can chat in rooms for all ages and interests, customize your own avatar, compete in game ladders, and play our games: Backgammon, Acey Deucy, Spades, Yahtzee, Chess, Checkers and Battleship.


Fashion Fantasy Game:

Fashion Fantasy Game is an online game and social network for people passionate about fashion, friends and fun. Be a Fashion Designer or a Store Owner!

  1. Empire of Sports: Empire of Sports is a sports universe where real-life players compete. Sports include tennis, track and field, football, basketball, skiing and bobsled.
  2. There: There is a safe environment for teens to be independent and meet new friends. You can create, start a new fashion line, travel, play paint ball and other games, go to barbeques, visit CosmoGirl Village, and more. For teens 13 and up.


RuneScape is a game set in Medieval times. It is an online game of quests , the world's most popular free MMO, by Jagex Games Studio. Complete quests and win enormous treasures in a 3D world full of magic.

Frenzo is a 3d chat world, a way to safely connect with friends and people who share your interests.

All from your mobile.
  • create a rich profile and express yourself
  • send and receive messages instantly
  • search by interest, location or any keyword
  • upload and share photos from anywhere
  • be in control of who can contact you

Create a rich profile with photos, your interests, likes and dislikes. Share your favourite music and movies. Make your profile more interesting by telling people about you. Choose what information you put in your profile, you can even make your profile searchable and viewable by everyone or just your friends.

Free Realms

Ages 10+

A brand-new jaw-dropping free virtual world where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want! Play now for free! Free Realms is a fun, whimsical virtual world filled with dynamic gameplay and compelling content for everyone, especially families.

Do what you want to do, when you want to do it, in a 3D world of beautiful landscapes and fun wildlife. Teach your pet new tricks, explore a lush new world, earn great items through quests or play fun mini-games. If adventuring is more your style, become a wizard and search for lost treasure or fight monsters in a mix of real-world experiences and fantasy adventure. With regular content updates and special events scheduled, it's time to discover the delights of Free Realms!

Free Realms is an online experience, and therefore we are determined to provide a safe and rewarding environment for your kids to enjoy.

Your child''s privacy and safety are of the utmost importance, they take proactive measures to maintain a wholesome and safe environment through the use of restrictive chat mechanisms.


Chinese Virtual world, HiPiHi World is a 3D digital world mmo, like Second Life and as rich and complex as the real world, and is created, inhabited and owned by its residents.  China's first 3D virtual world that provides its residents with a real-time online environment for creation, collaboration, commerce, communication and entertainment.HiPiHi? seeks to develop a technology platform for virtual/ online activity that transcends reality and enable a new lifestyle that ignites the passions, dreams and hopes of individuals worldwide.

Everyone on the earth will has a virtual identity Live in an online 3D virtual world that is parallel to the real world Experience exploration, social networking, entertainment, study, and work with full of freedom Co-create and share a self-cycling, immortal prosperity of virtual world

We are developing an OPEN Platform for everyone to create and share. We are creating a WORLD for everyone to freely create and make dreams come true.

IMVU Chat, Games Avatars in 3D. Play, Meet People, Have Fun! Free! IMVU is a social game and entertainment site where millions of people meet, chat, play games and have fun. You can dress up your avatar, shop, decorate your

Create your own 3D look. Try on clothes, shoes, hairstyles and more. Shop for the latest fashions!

Meet New People in 3D- Hang out, chat and have fun in thousands of animated rooms. Meet new friends from all over the world!
Design and Create- Make your own designs and sell them on IMVU. Create fashion, furniture, rooms and more. Express yourself!

Kaneva is the first to combine social networking and a free 3D virtual world. It's a whole new way to connect with friends. Have fun in a vibrant virtual... Your guide to the virtual world. What's happening, what's hot, what's what ...

Kaneva is full of fun and exciting things to do. You can shop, dance, chat, play, and hang out with friends in 3D. Chat with people from around the world, attend exclusive online events, and connect with others like you! Decorate your FREE 3D home, design and sell your own stuff, build a community hangout, and share entertainment with your friends!

3D Chat 3D World Virtual World 3D Avatar Chat Game World moove online- Create Animated 3D Avatar in Virtual 3D Chat Room - 3D Online Virtual Chat with Friends in 3D

3D Avatar Chat in Virtual Worlds. Dress up your 3D avatar for online chat in your own 3D chat rooms in the virtual world. Furnish your virtual 3D rooms, decorate with your pictures - with Webcam, voice, full control. meet friends for 3D chat with Romance, flirt, hugs, kisses and more...
In your own home it is your free decision about virtuality and making it real.
Dress Up, Decorate, Chat, Flirt - have fun! You create a revolutionary 3D world on your own PC - always available to you. You alone control look and access of your virtual world - keep your privacy. Decorate the rooms with interactive 3D furniture, your own pictures, paper walls, lay carpets, install mirrors, change the lighting. Dress up your 3D avatars with the unique Avatar Studio.


vSide is Your Place to Party Online. Your Place Your Style Your is your place to party online.  an immersive and connected virtual environment that complements and amplifies the interests of young people everywhere, Music, pop culture, fashion, celebrities, self-expression, communication, community and social networking. Teen Chat, Fashion games, Virtual dance, Virtual games. Futuristic cities - like RaiJuku, New Venezia, -vSide is an immersive 3D world international site. From the pulsing beat of the club scene to chic boutiques and serene neighborhoods, vSide is a world that's full of surprises and designed for fun.

Customize your vSide avatar to express who you really are ? or who you?ve always wanted to be. Moving around, chatting, dancing ? it?s all amazingly smooth and natural, so it?s easy to feel comfortable and make new friends


Everywhere you go, the hottest tunes are the soundtrack for your vSide adventures. Find cool new music and listen to it with your friends. From hip-hop to indie rock to top club hits ? whatever you?re into, you?ll find it in vSide.


Find fun and friends wherever you go. Flirt and chat with a hot stranger ? Hit the clubs and dance til dawn ? Check out an after-hours party in an exclusive celebrity loft ? then invite everybody back to your apartment to chill out. Because in vSide, the party never stops.

3D Virtual Date, a Dating Simulation Game

Go on a virtual date with this RED exclusive game. Choose who and where you want to meet, ask and answer questions, then see if you are a match!
Club Cooee

3D Chat for teens

The world of Club Cooee is a colourful and diverse one. Discover the exotic islands, experience parties in the rocking club rooms, or take a romantic walk through gardens with your girlfriend or boyfirend! Whether in the lounge, club, or disco - you can spin yourself into the top DJ-charts at their DJ stations. And even become one of the DJs at a biggest official Club Cooee DJ party. Become a designer and create your very own outfits! Print your designs on t-shirts,  and many more items and sell them in your own designer shop. Unlike other instant messengers and chat rooms, users chat in Club Cooee with personally styled and animated avatars in 3D.

Also check out:

  1. Vanguard Saga of Heroes: This highly addictive game from Sony features a community, advanced character search, very organized game stats and rankings, fan club and more.
  2. World of Warcraft: Anyone who's into World of Warcraft will tell you that this is more than just a game. It's an entire virtual world where building characters, upholding reputations and understanding the whole history of World of Warcraft borders on the obsessive.


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Updated: September 8, 2014
Top Ten 3d Worlds for Kids


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