“Supple” is the new simulation game everyone is talking about. It’s being compared to The Sims, but you’ll quickly see how it’s different and why so many say it’s even better. In Supple, the characters really speak and you control what they say. It’s funny, sexy (although if you’re looking for something sexier, check out our article on Sims 4 sex mods or even sex games), challenging, and much more. Read on to learn more or just click: “FREE Game Download!” and start playing right now.

You’re the star of the show in Supple. You play Arin Costello, a young associate editor at Supple – the magazine for Single Urban Professional women. Get ahead at work, have a fling, shop for the latest fashions, it’s all up to you. And in this first episode, it’s up to you to help Arin get the coveted Style Editor position. Can you beat out her co-worker, Hugh, and still have him ‘like’ you? Go for it!

Arin Costellos Blog

Read Arin’s deepest, darkest (and funniest) thoughts about life, love, Supple Magazine… and her unhealthy obsession with protein bars.
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The Offices of Supple Magazine

In this episode, much of the action takes place in the offices of Supple Magazine. Here, you can work to earn money, drink coffee, have a snack, chat and flirt with Hugh, your co-worker, and do a lot more. But be prepared to deal with Margot, your boss, or you’ll never get ahead. She can be difficult at times, to say the least!

Buddha Bob’s Bar

Here’s where you can go for some down time.Invite Hugh if you feel like it. Relax a little but watch out, too many drinks before going back to work could lead to trouble. Too many drinks with Hugh and who knows what will happen.

Chez Vous

The latest fashions are here. Examine them, try them on and buy them. New outfits are very powerful in the game, especially when Hugh and Margot see what you’re wearing. But if you wear the same outfit too long, it could affect your chance for that promotion. At Chez Vous, you can also buy gifts for Hugh and Margot . The right gift at the right time can be very effective.

The Boom Boom Room:

The only way to get into this secret bedroom (not just see it, but take advantage of the comfortable mattress and relaxing lighting) is, well, you’ll see.