3D Chat – Avatar Chat Games and Worlds

There’s a wide variety of web sites  and chat rooms, where you can join now online for  free , although many  of these require downloading, and not all of them are completely safe for kids. For teens, we suggest you check out sites like Smeet,  a browser based 3d social avatar game world,  with  variety of  hang outs, where you can create your own Avatar to play and chat.

Chatforums or communities designed specifically for children do need to be safe and age-specific … but with thousands or even millions of players, it’s not always possible for the site to monitor all the users or how they interact.

Smeet, for example,  has approached this issue by dividing itself into two worlds: one for teenagers between 13 and 18, and another one for users 18+.

This means that users under 18 are not actually permitted to enter the Flirt Cafe and chat with older users and vice versa. Though one might question whether encouraging teens to flirt with other kids they don’t know in real life,  online, is a good idea in the first place. 

Twinity is another free Virtual World and Avatar 3D Chat site where you can meet new people, chat, flirt, and date.

In Moove, you can create Animated 3D Avatars in Virtual environment and chat.

Second Life, IMVU,  There, Club Cooee, and Kaneva, Gaia Online, are all more appropriate for teens and adults.

If you’re looking for adult sex chat games, we’ve covered some of them as well. Games like 3DXChat are made for adults only, with very adult only content.

Onverse is a 3D chat game, where you can pick an online profile, a free virtual home, clothing, furniture, tools and points to get you started. You can also customize your avatar however you like and chat live in a fully 3D environment. You can play games, explore for points, go shopping, decorate your home and avatar, and meet people. 

Some sites look like they are targeted at younger kids, but often only accept users over the age of 13. In Zwinky, for example, with its cute cartoon style fun and games, character and rooms, shopping, users under 13 years old are not permitted to use Zwinky, and those between 13 – 17 years old will receive special safety precautions. 

For younger kids who like games, try sites like Petras Planet, Weeworld, Habbo Hotel , Chit Chat City, Playtown game, Gleamville, Weeworld,  Free Realms, Bin Weevils, Spineworld, VizWoz, Ourworld,  Wizard 101, Playdo, Club penguin, Hiphi,  Migo Land, Small worlds, and Fantage, with safe chat for ages 6 and up.

One good thing about WeeWorld, another cartoon-style world for kids,  is that the avatars don’t require you to download any software. WeeWorld characters can be dressed up  with a variety of  background scene changes Many WeeWorld characters can be designed around favorite tv shows and movie characters.

Recommended Safe for Kids

Meetz 3D Chat World

Meez is the only online virtual world for teens to create social and multimedia activities to share with friends. Meez is a fast-growing, virtual online community combining a virtual world with social networking and gaming.

Secret Builders

***Featured 3d chat world – Secret Builders – free trial at girlgamezone – Safe 3d chat where kids can learn through immersing themselves in stories, and themes from literature and arts.


SocioTown is a 3D virtual chat game world with a wide assortment of activities SocioTown is a 100% web-based 3D Social MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game.) You can try it out for free on our site now!

Chatting Online in 3D

A List of good 3D chat rooms , avatar chat games, virtual worlds and  websites where you can chat online for free. 


immersive environment where all interaction happens in real time, with real people.

Zap Hotel

immersive 3D environment where all interaction happens in real time, with real people.Go to concerts, meetings, demos, classes, explore create and play cool games, with your friends, family and others.

Second Life

Second Life a free 3D virtual world where you can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat,and Teen Second life – Try it our for free!


Karga is a basic 3d chat virtual reality enviroment with cartoon like characters, where you can move around in 3d-style  locations, see and talk to others. Also change your appearance and play games.

Chamber of Chat

Chamber of Chat Harry Potter Interactive 3D World- Social Virtual Harry Potter World with Facebook plug-ins. This free Harry Potter Virtual World has of course been created for Potter fans, and aims to give you the sensation that you are actually interacting in the actual 3D world of Harry Potter.